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tcTC began his journey in 1987 and has never looked back. He was honored to receive his Masters Cover in December 2015. He is the head of House Cyclone that he started in 2011. His house symbol is a fire scorpion holding a purple rose. A group of scorpions is a cyclone, which is the origin of his house’s name.

Currently, TC is the Vice-President for NLA-International; a Member at Large for NLA-Dallas, a board member of MAsT-DFW, a staff member at the local dungeon, and a Mentor for the Dallas Mentors program. In 2013, he became Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather. He enjoys teaching and has had the opportunity at WILL in 2014, Beyond Vanilla in 2015, various groups that meet at Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts in Dallas, and for NLA-Dallas. He served as tally master for Heartland Person of Leather in 2014 and Judge for Heartland Person of Leather 2015 and Mr. & Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather 2015. He enjoys visiting groups to talk and teach as well as share his passion of our community by connecting with new people.




Tobacco, Ash, Smoke, Cutters and Punches

Do you enjoy cigars but want to know more? Or are you completely new and need to learn the basics? Well come join us as we cover the basics of how to get lit up and give you some pointers of how to have fun with it too!

Blood, Blood Everywhere!

Are you fascinated by the idea of playing with blood? Do you like knives, scalpels and needles but are interested in learning how to use such wickedly delightful devices for play?

Join us to learn how to play with knives, scalpels and needles in as safe a manner as possible while being as deliciously evil as possible. We will cover implements, safety precautions before, during and after and safety precautions.