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Pup Bee is a 25 year old transman, pup, bootblack, and Leatherman who has been living in Dallas for the past four years. He fell in love with the Leather and kink communities shortly after moving to Texas, and recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his local group, the DFW Kennel Club. He is a service-oriented pup whose dynamic entails functioning as his Owner’s service dog. Although relatively new in the pup, kink, and Leather communities, Bee’s passion is in bringing people together to provide support and strength within a group, and he plans to continue doing so for many decades to come. In the ‘vanilla’ world, he enjoys spending time with his Owner and partners, riding horses, working with local dog rescue groups, reading, and writing.





Pupping Out 101
In this class you will learn how to recognize and chase what pet headspace means to you, and how to negotiate for a scene or even a Handler/pet relationship. We will go over basics of gear, safety, mosh etiquette, and how to approach a prospective handler/trainer. Be prepared to ask questions! If you have any toys or gear, please bring it with you as you will have plenty of opportunity to participate.

Non-Traditional Pet Play
We all know that puppies like to play fetch, ponies like to prance, and kitties like to…nap? But petplay can be so much more than what’s “typical”! We’ll talk about dynamics and pet roles which differ from the norm, and in what ways our animalistic identities can serve us in the wider communities we’re a part of, as well as our personal relationships. This class will go over pups, cats, ponies, primals, and more – so come prepared to hear about others’ experiences!