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Cosmo Jetson He started in the leather scene in 1992 as a leather boy. He’s been collared three times, one under contract and two were polyamorous leather relationships. He found his pup side in 2000 and was heavily involved in building the pup scene through 2010. He has been a mentor in both the leather community and pup scene.








The Collective Paws
Interested in talking about pup play or other animal play in a safe and welcoming environment? Ready for a workshop with an open-minded group? This should be fun and welcoming for all. Come join us for a Q&A, where you can ask anything and all are welcome to share their experiences.

This is about learning from each other, not a presenter giving a lecture. We will be seated in a circle for a safe and comfortable setting. Please come prepared with your question or comments about the lifestyle but I will also have a list of topics for open discussion as well.

Handler 101
Why wouldn’t you want to be a handler? So many pups and so few handlers have led not only to you pretty much having your choice in pups but why stop with one when you can have a litter???

We will cover what you should look for when finding a pup of your own. How to make your pup work for you. We will discuss safety, how to communicate with a pup/dog with verbal and physical responses, what things to think about when negotiating with a pup for pup play, how gear can help and hinder play, rewards and punishments, and more.