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DKDK (or Dallas Kink) is a rope bondage advocate. Mostly from the top side, unless it’s for a good cause.
He has been kinky his whole life, tying up people for 20 years, making rope, educating, presenting, and performing (with rope, burlesque, and fetish groups and organizations) for 10 years, and organizing bondage events and parties for 5 years.
It’s safe to say he will remain actively involved in rope bondage scene for the foreseeable future.
Under his ‘My Nawashi’ label, he and his new wife, Catherine, supply the global community with rope, importing shipments of twine and exporting raw and unfinished rope around the world.
He currently leads the local rope education group-DFWBound, occasionally hosts rope socials in his home and continues to learn about his passion from peers and mentors. Most recently, he has expanded his rope bondage conference (Bondage Expo Dallas) which draws rope bondage educators from around the world to Dallas, TX every spring, to Denver, CO. (Bondage Expo Denver) and continues to expand his interest and involvement in rope community and fellowship, performance, and education.




Spun – Rope Making
Learn two easy ways to make rope with yarn/twine.

Fucking Hipsters

● Gunslinger – This asymmetric harness can be used individually for side suspensions or on both hips for other positions. 1-2 ropes

● Basket/Drum Harness – Typically used in upside down suspensions, this is a harness that resembles a drum in its look. 2 ropes

● 3 tier hip harness – This harness includes waist, hips, and legs in three tiers. Some versatility and good for face-up ‘bridge’ suspensions. 2-3 ropes