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Goat & judiGoat is the National President of the Red Dragons Riding. His passion is community service. He began his journey in this lifestyle over twenty years ago finding acceptance within the Leather community. He has been with his wife/slave, judi, for the twenty-five years and in a power exchange dynamic for the past sixteen years.
Judi began her journey in this lifestyle over twenty years ago, determining that service brought her the most joy. She has been with her Master for twenty-five years and in service to Him for the past sixteen years. Judi is a member of Mama’s Family, APEX (Arizona Power Exchange), Red Dragon’s Riding Club – Firebird Chapter and Butchmanns Experience Faculty member. She has also served as the Executive Director of the Southwest Leather Conference. She openly shares her knowledge and twenty year of hospitality experience to assist other events and community groups in contracting and venue selection.





Blue Collar Master/White Collar slave
One of the definitions for Master is Head of Household. What happens when one of the core principles of being head of household shifts to the slave as the bread winner. When the slave climbs the corporate ladder becoming the provider; ego, jealousy and bitterness can ensue. Take a journey with to discover how we reinvented our dynamic through communication and renegotiation.

When Dominant slaves Attack
Rumor has it that slaves with dominant personalities make some of the best slave. What happens when that dominant slave loses sight of their submission and surrender and turns into slavezilla? There are several reason why this happens – work, life, health, parenting . . . What is the right recipe to return slavezilla to slave mode? 1 cup of patience, ½ cup of protocols, ¼ cup of creating the space to allow your slave to surrender.