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guinevereguinevere has been an active member of the DFW community since 2007 and identifies as Bi, poly, a little girl, and a submissive. She has enjoyed sharing deep power exchange relationships with both men and women during her walk thus far. She is humbled and thankful to have had the ability to serve her Daddy Mclanahan since 2010. She approaches life with a mentality of “focus on who you want to be versus what you want to be. She is committed to paying forward the information and knowledge she has gained on her journey, and thankful to all the amazing mentors and presenters who have helped her learn and grow on her path. Her life passions include; education, communication, power exchange and energy exchanges, community service, domestic service, music, good books, tiaras, and being the change she wants to see in the world!




sirenSiren is a 26 year-old non-conforming bootblack, pet, little, and on occasion mischief loving clown who has been living in the Dallas area for the past 5 years. She belongs to Master Neko and is honored to be His little girl and is a member of the Leather House of Blood and Ice. She first started in the kink scene finding a love an passion for the fun, dark, and slightly demented which led her to explore herself and her community. Finding ways to learn and serve the community, siren is a graduate of the Dallas submissive Mentors Program, which is where she was introduced to her love of caring for leather and service. Although relatively new to the Leather community, siren finds a passion in serving her community, spreading education, continually growing herself and finding new and interesting ways to live outside of the box. In daily life, she enjoys spending time with her Daddy and pack, going dancing, sketching and making original crafts by hand.




Sugar and Spice, Naughty and Nice
Littles and their Power Dynamics

Power Exchange encompasses many types of dynamics other than the traditional Master/slave relationship. Every form has its own rules, behaviors, and protocols, but at the heart of it all is still that core element of Power Exchange. Ever wonder how this plays out with Daddies and their little girls? Are you or your partner curious about exploring this type of power exchange? Or, perhaps you are just interested in learning more about this often considered taboo relationship style?
Come and join guinevere and siren as they share their thoughts and their journeys with us on navigating the big wide world of littles and power exchange.