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Handrolld and texassaraHandrolld identifies as a gentleman Sadist, a Dominant, a Daddy, and a Rope Top. texassara identifies as a babygirl with slavish & Switchy tendencies, a passion for service, and a lover of all things Rope. They have been active in the DFW BDSM community for about 6 years and are both passionate about serving the Community, education, and sharing knowledge. Together, they are organizers of several rope education events, and served as leaders of DFW Bound 2016.







Variety (and Creativity) in Hog Ties
Rope is very much an implement that can be used with some creative imagination and vision. Hog ties are no different. Fast and forceful, slow and sensual. Light bindings that end up in delightful stress. Creative use of toes, fingers, hair…. They can be whatever you make them. This class is about all the fun variations and creativity that can be used in Hog ties to take home, make your own, and add too, as inspiration strikes. We will look at Hog ties from both the Top and bottom perspective and explore bottom-specific considerations in these types of ties. This class is designed to be hands on so bring a friend and 4-6 pieces of rope and have some fun.
Type: Hands-On
Level: Beg-Inter (good to know a single & double column tie)

Fun with Fundamentals
Remaining focused on the fundamentals of rope is the key to efficient tying and reaching the next level, but practicing them over and over can sometimes get boring. In this class, we are going to take some fundamentals and use them to explore tying for fun and practice. We’ll use arms-in-front ties, combined with leg ties that are fun, functional, and provide practice in combining elements of tension, rope handling, single column ties, and frictions. We will explore these concepts from both a Top and a bottom perspective and talk about bottom-specific considerations. This class is designed to be hands on, so bring a friend and 4-6 pieces of rope and have some fun.
Type: Hands-On
Level: All (good to know a single column tie)