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IgnixiaIgnixia is an international kink educator and leather-woman who is the owner and sole-operator of the award-winning Adrenalize LLC, a business designed around creating custom, quality leather goods that are affordable to all. She has used her skills as a leatherworker to create the Kinkability toy line, first of its kind fetish gear designed for those with disabilities. As someone who lives with chronic pain, along with her partner, she uses her experiences to help others with chronic pain through an online support group and classes designed to make daily life and kink easier to manage.

While leatherwork has provided a means to live, education and outreach fuel her passion for life. In addition to teaching about living with chronic pain in the kink lifestyle, Ignixia also teaches on a wide range of soft-skill topics, such as consent, communication, negotiation, and sexual identity; she also teaches hard-skills such as floggers and impact play, medical play, and body modifications.

When not traveling to teach at kink conventions, she volunteers 2 days per week at the Woodshed Orlando as a DM and educator. Locally she has also been a founding member and Co-Chair of NLA-Orlando, Co-Founder of WiLO (Women in Leather Orlando), Co-Creator of CFL Littles, and supporter of WinK (Women in Kink), Dominant’s Roundtable, and multiple under 35 groups. She recently created the Kinky Coexist design reminding us to always work together.


Body Mods 201 aka “Let’s Make Some Bloody Art”
This class covers the how to’s of needle play and decorative cuttings for those who love to mix the two in play. We will cover the basics of both as well as how to make them artistic and take your play past just being painful. It will also cover safe handling precautions and procedures for bio-hazard type material such as sharps and bodily fluid handling and disposal.

Wanna Play Doctor?
Heart racing at the sight of needles? Weak in the knees thinking about scalpels and sutures? Sounds like you’ve come down with a case of medical fetishism. Not to worry though, this specialist has just the prescription you need to break your fever caused by routine play session blues. So get ready to open up and say “ah” as we cover how to go from scenes that’ll put a dungeon to sleep to play that will have you screaming “Hellooo Nurse!” The doctor will see you now