Jeffrey (Payne) Saragoça

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Jeffrey Payne, the 31st International Mr. Leather, resides in Dallas, Texas with his finance, Sergio Saragoca.  He is the sole owner of the Dallas Eagle and Eagle Outpost (a leather/fetish retail store), as well as the sole owner of Notarius Reporting, a court reporting firm.  Jeffrey is the Treasurer of the Sharon St. Cyr Fund, the 501(c)3 organization which he founded, whose mission is to assist individuals within the community with grants for hearing aids, as well as supplying grants to organizations for ASL interpreters.  Jeffrey is also the CEO and President of ILSb-ICBB, Inc., and has secured 501(c)3 status for that organization, with all profits from the weekend being donated to various non-profit organizations within our community.  Jeffrey (along with his alter ego, Mama Payne) has worked diligently over the past decade to promote and educate, both within and outside of our community.






Producing a Leather Contest
A round table discussion of how to prepare for a leather contest. Topics include: Purpose of the title, selection of judging panel, garnering contestants, selecting a team, fiscal duties, scripting, etc. Production of a contest from beginning to end.


The Sash Wives Club
Spouses, Partners and Families of Titleholders: A Must Attend Workshop. Workshop covers the ins-and-outs of being the ‘sash-wife’ of a titleholder. Open, roundtable style discussion of how to prepare for, communicate during, and assist the family in making a titleholder’s year successful.