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Lord OxThe Lord Ox (FetLife: @Lord_Ox) first began His Leather journey in 1997, and in the time since, has served the community as a staffer in a commercial dungeon, a Council of Tribes (COT) certified dungeon monitor, an organizational board member, a presenter/instructor, a FetLife greeter/group leader, and a civil rights activist / advocate. His exploration of queerdom and gender identity began some years prior, eventually completing in His transition in 2008, standing as an out and proud transgender Leather man in protest to the illegal police raid on the Atlanta Eagle the following year. Just since moving to Austin in February 2016, He has served on a Southwest Sexual Health Alliance panel to educate sex therapists in BDSM issues, received the Leadership of Leather pin, become a mentor for the Austin Mentors Program, earned a full back patch membership within Hill Country LeatherFolk, and acted as a bridge figure driving greater unity between queer and mainstream/pansexual kink. Staying busy right up until BVXXVII, He will present His “Responsible Ravishment” class at SAADE’s “Day at the Place” intensive workshop in April 2017.




A Practical History of Leather
In attending Beyond Vanilla XXVII, you already likely have some understanding of What-It-Is-That-We-Do (WIITWD)…but would you like to know why?
This talk has a proven track record of motivating Leather people to immerse deeper within our community, and of inspiring other BDSM lifestylers to adopt Leather identity.

This will not be the dull regurgitation, in chronological order, of some tired old timeline dating back to 1900 BCE (although that timeline will be made available). Rather, the session will be interactively driven by its audience, ensuring coverage by topic, in order of interest in the relevance of each, to Leather as it is lived today. Each topic will be thoroughly deconstructed, and many resources will be provided. It is common, even for covered Leather veterans with decades of experience, to learn something. Attendees will leave not only wanting more, but with the ability to find it.
Come explore how our traditions came to be, and how they have evolved into modern practice.

Gender 101
The world only spins forward. Now, after centuries of struggle, liberation is slowly coming to transgender, transsexual, intersex, genderqueer, non-binary, gender variant, gender non-conforming and agender people.

With progress comes increased visibility, and many people have questions. Come get some answers, in a setting where you are safe to ask them.
The session will disambiguate sex and gender, orient participants to concepts of diverse gender identity, outline guidelines for respectful interaction, and address issues specific to BDSM/fetish and sexual play. Attendees will leave with renewed social confidence and resources for ongoing reference.