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Master IanIan can be described as a Leatherman, Transman, military veteran, graphic artist, title holder, contest producer, transgender activist, husband, and friend. He is honored to be International Mr. Transgender Leather 2012/2013 and the owner/co-producer of Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL), a title that helps promote, archive and collect data to preserve Women’s Leather History. A member of Mama’s Family, Ian can be found presenting workshops nationally or using his design skills to create graphics, websites, program books and multimedia presentations for various events and groups such as: International Ms. Leather, South Plains Leatherfest, DESIRE, Leather Bash, Mama’s Family and WILL.






Sometimes a Little Prick is Enough
From the high grass of the Serengeti to the dark corners of a dimly lit dungeon, the soft “swoosh” of a blow gun can create intense reactions. Come join us to learn how the tiny prick of a 4″ dart can become a hot and steamy scene. This class covers the safety concerns and proper use of blow guns as implements of pleasure.

Welcome to the Community: Your Reality Check is About to Bounce
This class helps dispel myths and misconceptions that they may have when entering the community and also reminds those who have tenure in the community that they still need to be present and provide guidance to others.

I Want to be an Ally…But What Do I Do?
The decision to transition or present as a different gender is never made lightly. Having allies and an understanding community can help make traveling this path smoother. If you have ever wanted to be an ally or help increase the acceptance and understanding of the gender community, this is the class for you! Come in and discuss what we as a community can do to help ensure gender variant individuals are welcome and accepted by groups and organizations within our community.