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Master JohnWhen asked about what first drew him to Leather, He replied it was being able to execute all of those fantasies from his adolescent mind. He cited how the sexual influences from the media fueled those fantasies. While playing with his childhood friends, He always made “cowboys and indians” have a true aspect of power exchange – let’s just say the rope was tied well.
He realized these D/s elements could be incorporated into everyday life and he noticed how some people naturally fall into line and He took that as permission. While others may have noticed the outward beauty of people, yet He perceived the Dom/sub and kinky energy in people.

This vision emboldens my Management style of corporate leadership programs by day or train others to be naughty by night, Master John volunteers at a local community hospital.




Fisting: Can I see a Show of Hands?
Exploring the depths of fisting. There is a special connection that can unify a Top and bottom to merge as one. Are Y/you interested in experiencing this deepest bond?
Master John and slaveboy daniel will show Y/you how to add this experience to Y/your journey. The class will cover bonding through safety, preparation, lube/tools, techniques, advanced play and aftercare. Discussion will be encouraged and a deep experiential hands-in demo will be explored.

Sounds & Catheters: Everyone has One; So Shove Something in It!
Have you been wanting to learn about medical role play? Maybe take your medical play to a higher level? Come learn with Master John and slaveboy daniel about safety guidelines, human anatomy, various types of equipment, and best practice techniques with urethral sounds. W/we will even take it a step further with Foley catheters.
This class will involve discussion, hands on examination of equipment, and an in depth demo on how to add medical play to your kinky bag of tricks.