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Master JustinMaster Justin has been active in the DFW leather community since November 1998, when he attended his first NLA – Dallas meeting. He had been interested in D/s and S&M for many years prior but this was the first time he put his fists to flesh . . . and he hasn’t looked back since.
In those early years, Justin jumped into everything with both feet (and anything attached to them) . . . often learning the hard way the need to be slow and careful. He was lucky enough, though, to find groups such a Bound Rose, NLA-Dallas, Different Strokes, and others which were there to teach and guide. Those early experiences made a significant impact on him and he’s been passionate about giving back every since. They led him to hold several board positions with NLA-Dallas (including Co-Chair). He has been part of the Beyond Vanilla planning committee for the past 10 years. He is a mentor in the Dom Mentors program and actively supports the Texas Conference of Clubs landsite.
Justin has been married for 10 years to Master Dawn who is the co-Dominant of the Knowlton Household. He has owned his slave, beth, for 7 years. He is poly and bisexual and active in many different groups currently, including: Discipline Corps, Trinity River Bears, NTXCC, and DFW Kennel Club.



Packaged Up So Nice and Tight
Mummification is something easy to set up but has the power to take a bottom deep within themselves. With just a trip to the local drug store, you can be ready for one of the more extreme of the bondage experiences. And the wrapping is just the beginning of the fun as you can unwrap just those parts you want to enjoy.
In this workshop, we will see how to use something as simple as plastic wrap and duct tape to immobilize a bottom from neck to toe. We will then discuss how to get to the body parts you want to play with while still keeping your bottom subject to your whims. Finally, we will show some of the ways you can add in other elements of BDSM and sexual play to take your scene over the top.

Chalices of Fire and Blood
Cupping comes in many different forms both in and out of BDSM. You may remember the 2016 Rio Olympic games and the dark round circles all over some of the athletes bodies and wondered what that was all about. This your chance to find out.
As you will see, cupping can be done in multiple ways and can be used to ease tension and pain or cause it. We will talk about the different types of cups, how to apply them (suction or fire), and things that can be done to add to the experience. We will look at using cups as part of a larger scene, including placing them over already painful spots, and how to mix blood play with your cupping session.