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Master Z of Dallas is a well-known Dominant, Presenter and Leader in the Leather and BDSm scene. He is also an ordained Buddhist Monk called Thay Z. (Thay is pronounced like a man’s tie and means monk, teacher or master). He held the title of International Master in 2004 and travels all over the United States and Canada making presentations on Master/slave, Sm, Leather and Spirituality. Master Z is the owner of slave bill, slave kiki, slave tina, slave Trudy as well as being in a power exchange relationship with Douglas from Ottowa. He is one of the Heads of Household for the Texas Leather Tribe.
Master Z is Chairman and President of the Board of Directors for Butchmanns, Inc. and serves as an Instructor at the Butchmanns Weekend Experience. He is also the Producer and HeadMaster for boys Training Camps and Co-Producer of Masters Retreat.
Master Z is eternally grateful to his mentors, the late Master Dean Walradt and the late boy Patrick Chees, who taught him much of the Leather protocols and rituals that he cherishes today. Master Z is certain that his Leather Journey and BDSM experiences are directly related to his Spiritual Path and the path of a monk that he follows today.



Modern Primitive Practices as Rituals
Master Z became the inheritor of the spiritual workshops that were part of Master Steve’s repertoire. This particular workshop will explore the use of modern primitive ritual in SM and will include a rite that induces emotional and spiritual release and union using temporary body piercing.

The Zen in Mastery
The Zen in Mastery presentation is about the similarities found in Zen Buddhist tradition and Leather Mastery as experienced by Master Z and now known as Thay Z, a poly Owner who is also an ordained Zen Buddhist monk. Discussion will include how a Zen outlook in Ownership supports healthy relationships, assists in solving relationship issues and contributes to growth in both the Owner and property. Discussion will attempt to demonstrate how the path of Owner/Master and the path of Buddhist monk have been intricately woven in this Master/monk’s life.