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MizLilly has been leadership of Touch of Leather, since 1999 and has also been a columnist, and presenter, a mentor, a life coach and advocate, and a volunteer throughout our community. Actively seeking to create unity in our Community while respecting the diversity that honors our individual walks, has led to over two decades of teaching and talking, and walking this crazy path of what it is that we do. This year, MizLilly is honored to be the South West Regional Representative for MAsT International, and is happy to be here with the wonderful folks from Beyond Vanilla.








Zap has been in the leather lifestyle for more than 20 years and identifies as a Leather-boy, flagging hunter green on the right side. He has been trained in different skills in the Leather lifestyle by Master Dean Walradt, Officer Wes, leaders of the boys Training Camp and more. He has been granted the lineage of Leather Grandchild to Viola Johnson and earned the title of “Senior Boy” and Trainer by the Leather boys Training Camp, LoneStar Leather Boys, and the Ottawa Leather community. He has participated on the boards of numerous organizations and is serving on the Council of Central Texas Touch of Leather.








Scening Beyond the Shrapnel with MizLilly & Zap
It’s pretty safe to say that by the time we make it here we know to “beat the meat and leave the bone alone” and that there’s play that can leave scars when it goes wrong, and even when it goes right. We hear about catharsis, space, energy, the raunchy and the
sexy. Yet, for some reason, we rarely hear of the landmines and the stuff that happens when the bag that gets blown open is not a black leather toy bag but one of issues, trauma or gut wrenching, down to the soul, terror. Joins us as we discuss the reality of landmines and come together, not to deal with the trauma, but to share ways
to move beyond it and once again create a safe space for our play, self-expression and partnerships.
***Note: If you leave this class early you will not be readmitted.

Posture-ific Flogging with Zap
Welcome to the show (a.k.a. the Dungeon party). Today’s audience will more than likely gifted with views of twists and turns any yoga teacher would marvel at. There’s the dance, created by people who should not dance, the “throw”, created by people who may have never thrown before, and the miss (if the bottom is lucky). Then to kick it all off, and when the show is over we are too tired and sore to give a fuck (of any type).
How do we get these extensions of our arm to land precisely where we want them to, time after time? How do people play for hours and have more than enough energy to keep right on going? Well, set aside your dancing shoes, and feel free to grab your favorite flogger(s) and come to this workshop guaranteed to assist the angles, aide the aim, and give you surprising stamina. +Join us as we touch on techniques guaranteed to leave the aches and pains in the dungeon…you’ll be glad you did