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Ms. Diana has been in the lifestyle for over 40 years. She is a past Coordinator of The Threshold Society (Coordinator Emeritus), on the board of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, an educator with The Center for Positive Sexuality, and an Executive Committee member of Southern California Leather Woman. Most of her time has been spent in southern California, but she has been known to “get around”. She refers to herself as “an equal opportunity Bitch” and says neither gender nor gender choice determines who she “interacts” with.
She has presented across the country, in Hawaii, and in the United Kingdom on Alternative Lifestyles, and is the Founder and originator of “The Tactile Celebration – A Sensory and Sensuous Journey”. Her presentations include numerous skill improvement and personal enrichment type formats. She has been an educator for 50+ years. Her degrees include a BA in Theatre and an MS in Psychology. Ms. Diana continues her counseling and life (and lifestyle) coaching today. Most recently, she has done presentations on How to Approach a Femme Domme; Negotiations; Choosing the Right Partner; Are You Getting More Now But Enjoying It Less?; Spanking; “Before Stonewall – an Historical Perspective”; Sensation Play; Public Speaking; Hot Wax; Clothes Pins, Clamps and Zippers; The Seduction of Knives; Caning; Flogging; You’re a Senior and Kinky – Now What; The Fine Art of the Mind Fuck; and several others.
She feels privileged to have been invited to lecture and participate on numerous panel presentations at colleges, universities, and organizations around California and outside of the state (including DESIRE – LeatherWomen Unleashed, Leather Leadership Conference, The Threshold Society, The Lair, DomCon, The Center for Positive Sexuality, Behind Closed Doors, Kinky Kollege, LICK [Ladies In Charge of Kink]), Paradise Unbound, Women’s International Leather Legacy, and views these as opportunities to not only educate and correct myths and misconceptions, but to give back to the community she loves. Education seems to be the dominant theme in her life. She has also been privileged to be invited to judge leather contests locally. In addition, she was given the Person of the Year award by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition at the Southland Honors of 2009 and has been nominated as both Woman of the Year and the Community Choice Award/Woman for the Pantheon of Leather Awards 2014, and the Ms. Diana Lifetime Achievement Award by Leather H.E.A.T. in 2015.


The Fine Art of the Mind Fuck
Among the elements we like to play with, the mental and the psychological can be most effective. Fear and terror, finely tuned, can add a delicious spice to any scene, and may also have the potential for being a feast in and of itself. Here is an opportunity for us to explore that mental landscape, decide whether or not we want to plant any land mines, and share creative possibilities with each other for creating these scenes. We’ll share examples of scenes which have worked well and maybe some that went not so well. Come take a trip on the (psychologically) wild side.

Picking the Right (Play/Life) Partner
When we were kids, we always seemed to know who to pick – for friends, for our team, etc. And most of the time, we did a good job of it. The criteria seemed to be clear. Did you like them? Did they have your back? Did they make you laugh? Did they keep your secrets?
Somewhere along the road, some of us lost touch with the ability to pick as well as we used to. We started adding other criteria; criteria which may or may not have been as clear or as important. In many cases, this has created some real problems.
How can we get back in touch with a skill we used to have? How can we maximize our chances for positive partnering and minimize the unsuccessful and often painful negative choices in our lives. How can we be clearer about asking for what we need, as opposed to asking for what we think we want?
Hopefully, we will explore some ways together to get back in touch with those skills which seemed to work for us in the past, as well as a few new ones, in smarter partner selection