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Sean GraySean Grey entered the Dallas BDSM community in the spring of 2006 through Dallas TNG and began his leather journey about a year later at South Plains Leatherfest. In his first year in the lifestyle he doubled his income, lost a wife, took on two slaves, learned a whole lot about SM, and developed the two skills that he most wanted to learn: bullwhip and rope suspension. He believed that he was bulletproof. Over the next two years he proceeded to lose his job, both slaves, and just about everything else (except the bullwhip and suspension bit); he learned that he was not quite as bulletproof as he had previously suspected. Sadder but wiser, he discovered that Dominance would be more work than he originally thought, that even the most dedicated slave cannot fix a broken Master, that this community is compassionate beyond all reason, that SM has little to do with success in relationships, and that “here” is exactly where he belongs.
He is an accomplished photographer, a former staff member at Sanctuary for the Lifestyle Arts, a former leader of DFWBound 2, former member of the NLA-Dallas Executive committee and past leader of Dallas TNG. More recently he was on the board of NARIX for their inaugural event and he is currently the Education coordinator for Bondage Expo Dallas. His current project is Advanced Bondage Education Dallas. He is passionate about his culture, his community, and his family.


The Fucked Up Face Place
The face and head are an express train to the senses and the psyche. In this class, we will explore how to exploit pressure points and impact with our hands, toys and rope to deliver intense vulnerability, fear and a supremely fucked up head space. Canes, rope and rubber or leather gloves recommended.

Breathplay in 2 hours
Breathplay is not safe. However, ignorance of it does not make it safer, so with that in mind, we will attempt to make it safer by exploring the full gamut of breathplay activities, their associated risk profiles and mitigating strategies. We will neither glamorize nor minimize the risks involved, but rather attempt to clarify our own acceptable risk profiles. 2 hours for Players of all levels