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Señor Jaime is a musician, coach, writer, licensed mental health practitioner and lifelong learner with over 18 years of experience in flesh-and-blood SM and leather communities, over 30 years of Buddhist practice, and over 49 years of experience as a human being. He is a native of Austin, Texas and has presented and taught internationally on SM, M/s, erotic hypnosis, and leather topics at a variety of conferences and private events.
A firm and joyful advocate for service to and empowerment of individuals, couples and community in their exploration of alternative sexuality and lifestyles, he has served as an officer and leader of various local groups and events. He currently runs a small community space, The WhatKnot, with his slave V, hosting monthly rope bondage peer meetings, and is the current director for MAsT Austin. He is also a proud member of the Sankofa Leather Tribe.




Staying Awake: Understanding and sponsoring the needs of Dominants
In your path to Dominance/Mastery/Or Whatever You Cared To Name The Call You Answered (which for the sake of brevity, I will shorthand as “Dominance”) you were drawn to express your Dominance after one or several experiences that awakened you to this previously-undiscovered wilderness within your identity. Part of this discovery was finding that you were not alone on this journey; that others had blazed their own trails through their own wild places and alongside them (and you) were those on the “the other side of the slash” finding their own ways through their own thickets and discovering new places and experiences together with their Dominant friends and partners.

At this point, you are probably doing exactly that, exploring and making discoveries through the experiences shared in relationships exploring aspects of authority and power. Along the way, however, many Dominants lose touch with the needs that first alerted them to the call of their Dominance. As great a time as is being had in the immediate experience of learning the skills and exploring our partnerships through power, many of us put these fundamental needs out of our awareness, or at very least we are reluctant to verbalize them in an unvarnished fashion to our partners or our fellow Dominants.

The origin of the word “sponsorship” comes from the Latin spondere, meaning “to pledge solemnly.” Thus, to sponsor someone (including oneself) is, in the words of Dr. Stephen Gilligan, “a vow to help that person to awaken to the goodness and gifts of the self, the world, and the connections between the two.” This class is open to all, but focuses on understanding and sponsoring the needs of Dominants. Three primordial energies of sponsorship will be introduced explored for use with oneself and in community with other Dominants.

From a Smidgen to a Handful: The Art of Sadistic Pinching

In this VERY hands-on class, we’ll re-discover and explore the vast array of sensations available to us when we let our fingers to the walking and squeezing. Expect a lot of ouches and maybe a few marks as we learn how to give and receive pinches of all shapes and sizes on a variety of body locations. Safety, pre and after-care will also be discussed. Put down the toybag and get in touch with this sadistic side of your bad self.