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slave ravenSlave raven lives in Dallas TX. She is owned by Master Neko and is honored to be His wolf and a member of the Leather House of Blood and Ice. She identifies as a leather slave with an open mind about gender. Raven brings passion and experience to her many efforts in the community.

With over twenty years of experience in the BDSM/leather lifestyle, slave raven has been everything from owned property to a Domo, a Top, and even a Daddy once. Being a leather slave is the path that speaks most to her heart. In 2005, Raven held the Northeast Master/slave title with Master Jack McGeorge. She has presented nationally and locally on leather care, M/s relationships, and general BDSM topics. She has spoken at Black Rose, the Eulenspiegel Society, South Plains Leatherfest, the annual M/s conference in DC, Beyond Vanilla, Southwest Leather Conference, along with many others. She is also honored to be the 2016 recipient of the MsC slave heart award. And every year, as a part of the South Plains Leatherfest family, she is the contestant liaison for the International Master/slave Contest.




Discipline, Correction, Punishment and Atonement
While it isn’t always the part of the lifestyle we want to look at these are actually important pieces that deserve a bit of reflection. How do each of these terms fit and what do they mean in our relationship. This class looks at how each term works in the relationship to keep us all on the tracks.

So you Want to Own a slave…
What does it mean to own someone else? What are some of the issues and pitfalls that can occur? Where are the lines and should we worry about coloring inside of them? A frank discussion of the places where the fantasy can become reality.