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SterlingSterling began her rope journey in August, 2013 as a bottom and four months later began rigging as well. She has never, ever been a part of a community that has ever made her feel so loved and so proud to be a part. She loves the passion many share for the artistic, sadistic, masochistic or just fun loving facets that rope bondage has for each individual person to experience and fall in love with.
Her journey to rope education has been one filled with a genuine desire to simply share what she can. She has had the privilege of performing with bondage on several occasions, in varying cities. She was honored to be selected for Morpheus’ Bondage Extravaganza 2014 as a rigger, as an attendee for the inaugural NARIX 2014, as an instructor for the Bondage Expo Dallas 2015 and 2016, as an instructor for the inaugural Ropecraft 2016 and is currently co-leader of the Dallas Hitching’ Bitches Chapter.
Despite having learned all she has in the Japanese influence of bondage she began a pet project of discovery regarding “KunBang” or Chinese Rope Bondage. She has dedicated a part of her rope journey to understanding and illuminating all she can regarding this illusive take on rope bondage in China, and then of course….sharing!!!
As this journey continues forth, she looks forward to the friends she hopes to make and to being with the friends and loved ones found already in this wonderfully ropey world.


Beginning suspension (intermediate)
In this class, we will be talking about how to safely begin suspensions using various ties and techniques. The subject of load line management and preferred rigging gear for suspension will be discussed. This class is intermediate and as such attendees should be able to safely create some form of chest harness and some form of a hip harness. Opportunity to LAB problems will be a large part of the class.

Suspension without a Boxtie (advanced)
Rope is never one shape fits all. And while the boxtie is the standard go to chest harness, the suspension world need not revolve around it. In this class, we are going to discuss suspensions either entirely omitting the box tie, or variants that are supportive with lower risk of nerve damage (the number one risk of boxties).