Playing with Touch – Pressure points and pain points


Are you tired of carrying that heavy toy bag? Do you want a form of play that keeps your play partner close? Don’t want the funny looks at the airport while going through security or risking having your toys confiscated by TSA?

Using your hands and body can be a great solution. No one can take them away, you can’t forget them at home and there’s nothing to separate you from your partner. Imagine having the ability to coax endorphins from them with small touches and with just a slight change being able to make them cry out in beautiful screams of pain. Imagine being able to direct and control them without a word. Pressure points and pain points can do all of these things while keeping your partner close and allowing them to feel your presence.

This class is open to hands-on practice so if you have someone to practice on then feel free to bring them along. If not, feel free to smile at your neighbor and see if they will trade experiences. Finally, you can always practice on yourself as we work some ways the human body can be driven to feel.