Rough Body Class

North Salon

The subject of rough body includes a lot of different styles and methods of physical play, from punching to primal resistance and everything between. This is a rich physical form of play that gets everyone’s blood moving and can be funny, dirty, bloody, giggly, primal and scary. Having an understanding of some of the pitfalls and safety concerns of this form of play can open a great pool of fun that does not have any real need for a heavy play bag. You have yourself and someone to play with? Then you have all you need. No heavy bags, expensive toys, or fancy tight fitting outfits…

Understand, this is not a clean sterile play style, and if you think as the top you going to get out clean, then you are going to be surprised.  This is close and intimate play that can include laughing, scratches, raspberries, teeth hugs (biting), grunting and many other things. You will smell them, hear them and feel them. They will get the same feedback from you.

This intense form of touchy feely play fires up that lizard part of your primal brain we lock away in our mundane lives. So come out and let’s get close.