Weathering Crossroads

North Salon

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one is confronted with a major change of direction. Perhaps you realized that the gender you were assigned isn’t how you feel, or you realize that your sexuality is in fact not at all what you always thought it was. Perhaps you have been living the role of submissive or dominant and realized that the opposite is much more appealing. Perhaps someone entered your life that caused you to question everything you thought you knew about yourself.

How did you deal with it? What choices did you make, and why? Did you have support while working through all the confusion and the associated stress? Where you able to incorporate the changes you felt you needed to make into your existing life, or did it turn everything upside down?

This discussion class will explore all of those questions, and hopefully have input and suggestions from those that have been there, and those that are facing their own questions and realizations. While there are obvious Crossroads such as the death of a loved one, or the sudden empty nest when a child leaves, I’d like to focus on lifestyle related instances. Everyone is welcome to attend, although I would be beyond pleased if those that feel affected by reading the description would come join us. Let us share and learn from our experiences, and let us be supportive of those that are amidst or beyond their Crossroads.