What goes down must come up!


Bodily fluids are generally seen as gross and often mistreated as contaminated biohazards. They are considered “hard limits” for many. Yes, it is true that most of the fluids our body produces are technically waste products, but why should we waste them when we can use them?

The versatility of bodily fluids is unparalleled. They can be the perfect weapon in your humiliation arsenal and they can bring two people together in a beautiful, albeit unusual, fashion. They are the waste your body rejects and they are the gifts your body creates.

In this class we will cover fluids such as blood, piss, vomit, and scat as well as less frequently-used excretions like earwax and snot. We will cover safety and health risks, discuss their amazing rewards, and how to clean up when you’re done.

This class is not for the squeamish – it will make you want to get cookies so you can toss them later!