Handrolld, TexasSara, and Jewel

Handrolld, TexasSara, and Jewel

Handrolld: Handrolld identifies as a gentleman Sadist, a Daddy, and a Rope Top. He has been active in the DFW BDSM Community for going on 7 years. He shares his life with his babygirl, texassara, and his (poly) family. His greatest passions include rope, whips, and, on the vanilla side, motorcycles, ridden hard and fast. He believes there is always more to know, new adventures to have, and strives to learn, grow, and expand his skills and abilities in all he does.

Handrolld believes in giving back to the Community that has given so much to him, and is always willing to lend a hand to various groups and events. He is very active in the DFW Community and dedicates his time to both learning and sharing what he knows with others. He has served on the Security Team for Beyond Vanilla, is an former leader and active member of DFW Bound and the Director of Facilities and Operations for Bondage Expo Dallas. Handrolld has presented for Beyond the Love, DFW Bound, Beyond Vanilla 2017, and Bondage Academy, and has done rope performances for local groups, as well as the B.E.D. 2014 & 2016 Launch party.

jewel: Jewel identifies as a student and lover of life. She jumps at the opportunity to grow her knowledge and loves sharing her experiences and findings with others. She has identified as polyamorous for over 15 years and has been active in the kink community for over 7 years. During that time, she has presented seminars and weekend programs across the U.S.

Jewel is one of the co-organizers of Bondage Expo Dallas (www.bondageexpodallas.com) held in Dallas each year, as well as several community events. She is also a co-leader of subHaven, a resource group for those that identify on the right side of the slash.

Although Jewel is knowledgeable in several areas of BDSM play, she is most passionate about self-awareness and helping others open their minds, learning what will work best for them (because there is NO one true way), and processing both the good and the bad of living this amazing life. While the psychological, emotional, and mental elements may not always be the sexiest thing to look at, they are what is at the heart and soul of all relationships, regardless of the degree/intensity of any relationship, and jewel feels most passionate about sharing her experiences with those things.

Sara: texassara identifies as a polyamorous babygirl with slavish & Switchy tendencies, a passion for service, and a lover of all things Rope. She enjoys a wonderful relationship with her Daddy and her (poly) family. Sara has been active in the DFW BDSM Community for going on 7 years. She is passionate about serving the Community, volunteers regularly at many events, manages an event production company that produces large and small events, and was on staff at the Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts.

She is a leader of DFW BDSM 101, subHaven, and is part of the collaborative effort in organizing “Bridging the Slash,” an educational conference presented by subHaven. Individually, and as part of subHaven, she has been invited to present, facilitate discussions, and share information with several groups and events including: DFW Alt, WICK’D, NEAAL, South Plains Leather Fest (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), September Surrender 2014, NARIX 2014, and Beyond Vanilla 2016.

Sara is a college graduate and, through her professional program and training, she has taken a variety of classes on motivation, communication, linguistics, conflict resolution and diversity. She identifies as a life-long learner and is passionate about education. She is an avid reader and collector of information and research is a well enjoyed hobby of hers. Sara believes in constant growth, personal responsibility, and self-improvement and is always working to broaden her knowledge and experiences.

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