Master Gator

Master Gator

Master Gator has been an active member of the Leather community since he came out to his first NLA meeting September of 1999. Though he has looked back several times in the last 18 years, he has never regretted the decision. Since then he has been involved in several groups including NLA-Dallas, NLA-International, Leather Honor Guard, DFW Leather Corp, ERD, DFW Bound, Team Friendly, DIK, Damsel, and Dallas Mentors Program. He servers the community by volunteering his time and resources to support, promote, and work several kinky and leather events & gatherings. He also instructs on hands-on skills, such as: Caning, Flogging, rough body play, take-downs, etc.

Gator found a taste for the kinky lifestyle at an early age when he found that the books and stories that included domination, bondage, or disciple were the once that interested him the most. In his early twenties he stumbled through the trappings of the kinky lifestyle with his girlfriend’s, make a lot of the common mistakes. He could tell that there was a part of this that spoke to him, but it was not until he came out to the NLA meeting that he found the support, guidance, & examples, he was looking for to understand and accept who he is.

During Gators time in the leather community he has been honored with his leather Master’s cover, presented by several of the covered Masters of the Dallas area in November 2010 for his steadfast support of the leather and kinky communities.

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