Master Neko and Koneko

Master Neko and Koneko

Neko is a kinky leather man who started his journey in 1996. His travels and learning began as a collared slave. Almost 2 years later, his Mistress felt he was on the wrong end of the flogger and spent 3 years training him to provide the proper care and feeding for his own slaves, as well as building upon Leather history, traditions, and ideals. He is the head of his leather house: the House of Blood and Ice, which follows the Code of Bushido. Currently, he owns two slaves, Koneko, who has been with him since 2002 in a 24/7 relationship and for the past three years, slave raven. He’s also been a Daddy for the past 3 years to Siren and an Owner of his property, Sweetsalt for the past 4.

Through his training, Neko discovered a desire to educate others – helping people to understand the darker parts of themselves, dishing out his own variety of sadism, teaching about the connectivity of a Master/slave relationship, as well as being an active member of the community. He’s been in both New York & Texas communities. In New York, he presented, played, and did fetish and rave photography. In Dallas, he’s run various groups such as DFW Bound, the Bound Rose Society, NLA-Dallas, was staff at the Dallas dungeon Sanctuary, Lead Security for Beyond Vanilla, and was a Co-producer of Great Plains Olympus Leather. Since 2007, he’s been an active part of the Mentors Program. Now, he not only presents and mentors in Dallas, but owns the Mentors Program that is in Austin and Dallas with his slaves. He also teaches and judges at a variety of events in our community and currently, he is the Co-lead of MAsT: Dallas, a Co-producer of the Mr. & Ms. Texas Leather titles, and a regular on a panel to teach graduate students in counseling about what we do.

Koneko has been walking a kinky path since 1991, having served both men and women on her journey. Since 2002, she has been in blessed service to Master Neko. She is a bisexual, poly, leather slave who has a passion for kink education. During her leather path, she’s been given opportunities to serve the community through a number of venues. In the past, she has been a part of the Fourth Friday Crew, staff at the Dallas dungeon Sanctuary, Education Director for NLA-Dallas, Workshop Director for Beyond Vanilla, Social Media Director for ILSb-ICBB, and a Co-producer for Great Plains Olympus Leather. She’s led various groups, either alone or with her Master, including DFW Bound, the Bound Rose Society, and Darker Paths: BDSM & Spirituality. Nowadays, Koneko is the co-director for MAsT: Dallas, a co-producer of Mr. & Ms. Texas Leather, Social Media Director for South Plains Leatherfest, and a Regent, Mentor, and Developer for the Dallas & Austin Mentors Programs. She’s been teaching in the kink community since 2007 both with her Master and on her own, as well as having done a few keynote dinners.

Koneko is also Wiccan, first initiated over twenty-five years ago and an active teacher and elder in the pagan community since 1999. She is always humbled when asked to conduct ceremonies, such as collarings, handfastings, weddings, or memorial services.

She loves dancing under the moon, bottoming to her Master’s wild scenes, serving privately and publicly, having a full life, and enjoying the journey she is on.

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