Princess Asshole

Princess Asshole

Princess Asshole (PA) has been involved in the DFW scene for nearly three years; most of that time has been spent serving TNG Dallas. She found her tribe at her second event ever during their monthly TNG Drinks night and didn’t look back. Fast forward six months, and she was co-running her own event, as well as collaborating with the group owner on how to bring education, outreach, and “getting weird” into the group.

Since then, she found her love for the odd and off-putting. PA has a strong love for sharps and fluid play, mostly finding a deep love for artistic cutting. She identifies as a sadomasochistic switch, partaking in a service-based DD/lg dynamic with her owner and partner, MalEvo.

Generational Roundtable


Continuing the amazing conversation that started at South Plains Leatherfest please join Princess_Asshole, SweetSalt, slave elizabeth, Master Malik, and Hardy Haberman for a discussion on bridging the generational gap. Individuals of all ages welcome and encouraged to attend this fantastic session.