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A Practical History of Leather with Lord Ox
In attending Beyond Vanilla XXVII, you already likely have some understanding of What-It-Is-That-We-Do (WIITWD)…but would you like to know why? This talk has a proven track record of motivating Leather people to immerse deeper within our community, and of inspiring other BDSM lifestylers to adopt Leather identity. This will not be the dull regurgitation, in chronological order, of some tired old timeline dating back to 1900 BCE (although that timeline will be made available). Rather, the session will be interactively driven by its audience, ensuring coverage by topic, in order of interest in the relevance of each, to Leather as it is lived today. Each topic will be thoroughly deconstructed, and many resources will be provided. It is common, even for covered Leather veterans with decades of experience, to learn something. Attendees will leave not only wanting more, but with the ability to find it. Come explore how our traditions came to be, and how they have evolved into modern practice.

Beginning suspension (intermediate) with Sterling

Beyond Pain I – The Big O with Master Obsidian and slave namaste
It’s time to put sex back in the dungeon – and let’s start with the Big O! – Part discussion, part demo in this class Master Obsidian and slave namaste discuss various types of orgasms for both men and women and how they can be achieved and explore feelings of self acceptance, Dominance and submission. Also covered is how to have more powerful orgasms, the how to’s of female ejaculation, and practical tips and techniques for handling libido issues as we age. This class is hands on, informative and fun – reminding us of our Desire which is what brought us here!

Blood, Blood Everywhere! with TC
Are you fascinated by the idea of playing with blood? Do you like knives, scalpels and needles but are interested in learning how to use such wickedly delightful devices for play?Join us to learn how to play with knives, scalpels and needles in as safe a manner as possible while being as deliciously evil as possible. We will cover implements, safety precautions before, during and after and safety precautions.

Body Mods 201 aka “Let’s Make Some Bloody Art” with Ignixia
This class covers the how to’s of needle play and decorative cuttings for those who love to mix the two in play. We will cover the basics of both as well as how to make them artistic and take your play past just being painful. It will also cover safe handling precautions and procedures for bio-hazard type material such as sharps and bodily fluid handling and disposal.

Boot Sex with Ritz Kracker and girl kaos
A comprehensive look at the boot from putting it on to cumming all over it. In Leather, boots are one of the most iconic, identifiable pieces of clothing one can wear. So why not worship them? In this class we will explore not only boot play, but boot worship and how to incorporate boots into sex whether you are wearing them or not.

Breathplay in 2 hours with Sean Gray
Breathplay is not safe. However, ignorance of it does not make it safer, so with that in mind, we will attempt to make it safer by exploring the full gamut of breathplay activities, their associated risk profiles and mitigating strategies. We will neither glamorize nor minimize the risks involved, but rather attempt to clarify our own acceptable risk profiles. 2 hours for Players of all levels.

Chalices of Fire and Blood with Master Justin
Cupping comes in many different forms both in and out of BDSM. You may remember the 2016 Rio Olympic games and the dark round circles all over some of the athletes bodies and wondered what that was all about. This your chance to find out. As you will see, cupping can be done in multiple ways and can be used to ease tension and pain or cause it. We will talk about the different types of cups, how to apply them (suction or fire), and things that can be done to add to the experience. We will look at using cups as part of a larger scene, including placing them over already painful spots, and how to mix blood play with your cupping session.

Cocksucking for Straight Men with Hardy Haberman
More and more men consider themselves “heteroflexible,” but for most that means willingness to receive oral sex from a man. Maybe it is time to learn how to give a really good blow job? We will discuss the basics, how to make oral sex intense and enjoyable for both parties. Anatomical models (dildos) will be available for practice, and perhaps more realistic involvement. Not for the shy or insecure.

Discipline, Correction, Punishment and Atonement with slave raven
While it isn’t always the part of the lifestyle we want to look at these are actually important pieces that deserve a bit of reflection. How do each of these terms fit and what do they mean in our relationship. This class looks at how each term works in the relationship to keep us all on the tracks.

Fisting: Can I see a Show of Hands? with Master John
Exploring the depths of fisting. There is a special connection that can unify a Top and bottom to merge as one. Are Y/you interested in experiencing this deepest bond? Master John and slaveboy daniel will show Y/you how to add this experience to Y/your journey. The class will cover bonding through safety, preparation, lube/tools, techniques, advanced play and aftercare. Discussion will be encouraged and a deep experiential hands-in demo will be explored.

Fucking Hipsters with DK

● Gunslinger – This asymmetric harness can be used individually for side suspensions or on both hips for other positions. 1-2 ropes

● Basket/Drum Harness – Typically used in upside down suspensions, this is a harness that resembles a drum in its look. 2 ropes

● 3 tier hip harness – This harness includes waist, hips, and legs in three tiers. Some versatility and good for face-up ‘bridge’ suspensions. 2-3 ropes

Fun with Fundamentals with Handrolld and texassara
Remaining focused on the fundamentals of rope is the key to efficient tying and reaching the next level, but practicing them over and over can sometimes get boring. In this class, we are going to take some fundamentals and use them to explore tying for fun and practice. We’ll use arms-in-front ties, combined with leg ties that are fun, functional, and provide practice in combining elements of tension, rope handling, single column ties, and frictions. We will explore these concepts from both a Top and a bottom perspective and talk about bottom-specific considerations. This class is designed to be hands on, so bring a friend and 4-6 pieces of rope and have some fun.
Type: Hands-On
Level: All (good to know a single column tie)

Gender 101 with Lord Ox
The world only spins forward. Now, after centuries of struggle, liberation is slowly coming to transgender, transsexual, intersex, genderqueer, non-binary, gender variant, gender non-conforming and agender people. With progress comes increased visibility, and you many people have questions. Come get some answers, in a setting where you are safe to ask them. The session will disambiguate sex and gender, orient participants to concepts of diverse gender identity, outline guidelines for respectful interaction, and address issues specific to BDSM/fetish and sexual play. Attendees will leave with renewed social confidence and resources for ongoing reference.

Give the Lady a Hand with Hardy Haberman
This workshop will discover the erotic art of hand balling as done with a female partner. Vaginal fisting has long been practiced in the lesbian community, but there is no need to be lesbian to enjoy giving or receiving this intensely intimate gift. As a gay man, Hardy has been long familiar with male anal fisting; even though the anatomy involved with a female is different, the intimate and powerful experience makes this one of his favorite kinks. Step outside your comfort zone and join us. Safety, preparation and active demonstrations will make this a memorable session.

Handler 101 with Cosmo Jetson
Why wouldn’t you want to be a handler? So many pups and so few handlers have led not only to you pretty much having your choice in pups but why stop with one when you can have a litter??? We will cover what you should look for when finding a pup of your own. How to make your pup work for you. We will discuss safety, how to communicate with a pup/dog with verbal and physical responses, what things to think about when negotiating with a pup for pup play, how gear can help and hinder play, rewards and punishments, and more.

Hojo Hishi Gote with Tatu
In this class students will learn a very creative upper body binding inspired by the work of the late Denki Akechi which is based upon historic Hojojutsu techniques featuring the hishi or diamond patterns in the front and back.

Long Whips and the Fun Things You Can Do with Them with Ritz Kracker and girl kaos
This class is a fun interactive approach to teaching participants how to get comfortable with long whips and how to crack them. Demonstrations will include body wraps, targets, and different styles of cracks with whips ranging from 8′-40′.

Modern Primitive Practices as Rituals with Master Z
Master Z became the inheritor of the spiritual workshops that were part of Master Steve’s repertoire. This particular workshop will explore the use of modern primitive ritual in SM and will include a rite that induces emotional and spiritual release and union using temporary body piercing.

Non-Traditional Pet Play with Bee pup
We all know that puppies like to play fetch, ponies like to prance, and kitties like to…nap? But petplay can be so much more than what’s “typical”! We’ll talk about dynamics and pet roles which differ from the norm, and in what ways our animalistic identities can serve us in the wider communities we’re a part of, as well as our personal relationships. This class will go over pups, cats, ponies, primals, and more – so come prepared to hear about others’ experiences!

Packaged Up So Nice and Tight with Master Justin
Mummification is something easy to set up but has the power to take a bottom deep within themselves. With just a trip to the local drug store, you can be ready for one of the more extreme of the bondage experiences. And the wrapping is just the beginning of the fun as you can unwrap just those parts you want to enjoy. In this workshop, we will see how to use something as simple as plastic wrap and duct tape to immobilize a bottom from neck to toe. We will then discuss how to get to the body parts you want to play with while still keeping your bottom subject to your whims. Finally, we will show some of the ways you can add in other elements of BDSM and sexual play to take your scene over the top.

Picking the Right (Play/Life) Partner with Ms. Diana
When we were kids, we always seemed to know who to pick – for friends, for our team, etc. And most of the time, we did a good job of it. The criteria seemed to be clear. Did you like them? Did they have your back? Did they make you laugh? Did they keep your secrets? Somewhere along the road, some of us lost touch with the ability to pick as well as we used to. We started adding other criteria; criteria which may or may not have been as clear or as important. In many cases, this has created some real problems. How can we get back in touch with a skill we used to have? How can we maximize our chances for positive partnering and minimize the unsuccessful and often painful negative choices in our lives. How can we be clearer about asking for what we need, as opposed to asking for what we think we want? Hopefully, we will explore some ways together to get back in touch with those skills which seemed to work for us in the past, as well as a few new ones, in smarter partner selection.

Posture-ific Flogging with Zap
Welcome to the show (a.k.a. the Dungeon party). Today’s audience will more than likely gifted with views of twists and turns any yoga teacher would marvel at. There’s the dance, created by people who should not dance, the “throw”, created by people who may have never thrown before, and the miss (if the bottom is lucky). Then to kick it all off, and when the show is over we are too tired and sore to give a fuck (of any type). How do we get these extensions of our arm to land precisely where we want them to, time after time? How do people play for hours and have more than enough energy to keep right on going? Well, set aside your dancing shoes, and feel free to grab your favorite flogger(s) and come to this workshop guaranteed to assist the angles, aide the aim, and give you surprising stamina. +Join us as we touch on techniques guaranteed to leave the aches and pains in the dungeon…you’ll be glad you did

Producing a Leather Contest with Jeffery Payne
A round table discussion of how to prepare for a leather contest. Topics include: Purpose of the title, selection of judging panel, garnering contestants, selecting a team, fiscal duties, scripting, etc. Production of a contest from beginning to end.

Pupping Out 101 with Bee pup
In this class you will learn how to recognize and chase what pet headspace means to you, and how to negotiate for a scene or even a Handler/pet relationship. We will go over basics of gear, safety, mosh etiquette, and how to approach a prospective handler/trainer. Be prepared to ask questions! If you have any toys or gear, please bring it with you as you will have plenty of opportunity to participate.

Rope 101: The Basics of Rope Bondage with Eric
Starting from scratch, I discuss the types of ropes (both construction and material), bondage books, accessories, safety and safety gear, and anatomy. I also cover the Single- and Double-Column ties, and teach The Secret of Shibari.

Rope 103: Hip Harnesses with Eric
I cover several hip harnesses, including two versions of the Swiss Seat and the Gunslinger.

Scening Beyond the Shrapnel with MizLilly & Zap
It’s pretty safe to say that by the time we make it here we know to “beat the meat and leave the bone alone” and that there’s play that can leave scars when it goes wrong, and even when it goes right. We hear about catharsis, space, energy, the raunchy and the sexy. Yet, for some reason, we rarely hear of the landmines and the stuff that happens when the bag that gets blown open is not a black leather toy bag but one of issues, trauma or gut wrenching, down to the soul, terror. Joins us as we discuss the reality of landmines and come together, not to deal with the trauma, but to share ways to move beyond it and once again create a safe space for our play, self-expression and partnerships. ***Note: If you leave this class early you will not be readmitted.

Sounds & Catheters: Everyone has One; So Shove Something in It! with Master John
Have you been wanting to learn about medical role play? Maybe take your medical play to a higher level? Come learn with Master John and slaveboy daniel about safety guidelines, human anatomy, various types of equipment, and best practice techniques with urethral sounds. W/we will even take it a step further with Foley catheters. This class will involve discussion, hands on examination of equipment, and an in depth demo on how to add medical play to your kinky bag of tricks.

So you Want to Own a slave… with slave raven
What does it mean to own someone else? What are some of the issues and pitfalls that can occur? Where are the lines and should we worry about coloring inside of them? A frank discussion of the places where the fantasy can become reality.

Spun – Rope Making with DK
Learn two easy ways to make rope with yarn/twine.

Suspension without a Boxtie (advanced) with Sterling

The Collective Paws with Cosmo Jetson
Interested in talking about pup play or other animal play in a safe and welcoming environment? Ready for a workshop with an open-minded group? This should be fun and welcoming for all. Come join us for a Q&A, where you can ask anything and all are welcome to share their experiences. This is about learning from each other, not a presenter giving a lecture. We will be seated in a circle for a safe and comfortable setting. Please come prepared with your question or comments about the lifestyle but I will also have a list of topics for open discussion as well.

The Energy of Breath for Power Exchange Relationships Master Obsidian and slave namaste
Breath is our one most needed function. With it life begins and without it life ends. In this class we’ll experience different types of breath, teach the power behind it, and connect it all to ways it can deepen and enhance the Power Exchange dynamic as well as life in general. Including: Power breath for connecting to Masculine and/or Feminine energy, Breathing to align and empower your 7 energy centers, Sharing Breath, Using breath to alter your focus and mood and much more! Come comfy and ready to experience!

The Fine Art of the Mind Fuck with Ms. Diana
Among the elements we like to play with, the mental and the psychological can be most effective. Fear and terror, finely tuned, can add a delicious spice to any scene, and may also have the potential for being a feast in and of itself. Here is an opportunity for us to explore that mental landscape, decide whether or not we want to plant any land mines, and share creative possibilities with each other for creating these scenes. We’ll share examples of scenes which have worked well and maybe some that went not so well. Come take a trip on the (psychologically) wild side.

The Fucked Up Face Place with Sean Gray
The face and head are an express train to the senses and the psyche. In this class, we will explore how to exploit pressure points and impact with our hands, toys and rope to deliver intense vulnerability, fear and a supremely fucked up head space. Canes, rope and rubber or leather gloves recommended.

The Sash-Wives Club with Jeffery Payne
Spouses, Partners and Families of Titleholders: A Must Attend Workshop. Workshop covers the ins-and-outs of being the ‘sash-wife’ of a titleholder. Open, roundtable style discussion of how to prepare for, communicate during, and assist the family in making a titleholder’s year successful.

Tobacco, Ash, Smoke, Cutters and Punches with TC
Do you enjoy cigars but want to know more? Or are you completely new and need to learn the basics? Well come join us as we cover the basics of how to get lit up and give you some pointers of how to have fun with it too!

Variety (and Creativity) in Hog Ties with Handrolld and texassara
Rope is very much an implement that can be used with some creative imagination and vision. Hog ties are no different. Fast and forceful, slow and sensual. Light bindings that end up in delightful stress. Creative use of toes, fingers, hair…. They can be whatever you make them. This class is about all the fun variations and creativity that can be used in Hog ties to take home, make your own, and add too, as inspiration strikes. We will look at Hog ties from both the Top and bottom perspective and explore bottom-specific considerations in these types of ties. This class is designed to be hands on so bring a friend and 4-6 pieces of rope and have some fun.
Type: Hands-On
Level: Beg-Inter (good to know a single & double column tie)

Wanna Play Doctor? With Ignixia
Heart racing at the sight of needles? Weak in the knees thinking about scalpels and sutures? Sounds like you’ve come down with a case of medical fetishism. Not to worry though, this specialist has just the prescription you need to break your fever caused by routine play session blues. So get ready to open up and say “ah” as we cover how to go from scenes that’ll put a dungeon to sleep to play that will have you screaming “Hellooo Nurse!” The doctor will see you now.

Zenpou Shibari – Binding the arms in front with Tatu
Sometimes for physical reasons having the arms in back is not a good or safe choice due to physical limitation. This is another tie I learned from my 1st teacher in Japan many years ago.