Doggo Oso

Doggo Oso has been a professional body piercer in Dallas since 1998. Believing that piercing is something between rite of passage and pure decoration, he’s joined many people on their journey to test their limits. He feels honored to be the one to share a bit of history while making people feel more beautiful in their own skin – however they choose to decorate it.

He has been involved in the kink community for many years. He is a board member of DFW Kennel Club, founding board member of Texas Puppy Club, and a current member of the Dallas Bears. He is a fixture in the DFW pup community and has made it a point to act as a mentor for anyone in the community that feels like his experience can be beneficial to them.

A true switch, Oso has a Master (Sir Spence) and a pup of his own (Pup Levi Hamiewert). His time spent on both sides of the kink coin have given him a well-rounded concept of what it means to be a sub and what it means to be a Dom.

Play Piercing

In this class, Oso will go over general biohazard basics, cross contamination, and general anatomy concerns when it comes to temporary piercings. This is not a crash course in professional body piercing and jewelry placement. Attendees should not expect to be able to perform complex body piercings or fully understand the intricacies of standard body piercings.

What attendees will get from his class will be some real hands-on experience for beginners and beyond in terms of how needle placement can be fun for the piercer and piercee. Play/temporary piercing can be an exhilarating addition to a scene, or a scene all its own. Those squeamish at the sight of needles and blood may want to sit at the back, but if you are interested in learning how to safely pierce enjoyable parts of the human anatomy, this is the class for you.

Pup and Handler 101

Feel the need to have intimate relationships with people that wag their butts? Enjoy learning what makes a pup bark or whine? Wondering how to handle a stubborn puppy? This might be the right class for you. Sir Spence and Doggo Oso will walk you through some simple concepts like finding the right pup for you, determining the best way to get your pup to act the way you want them to, and creating a safe and nurturing space for your pup be themselves.