Hardy Haberman

Long time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene. He is author of several books on kink related subjects including The Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment published by Greenery Press.

He has received numerous awards awards include the “Leather Leadership Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the “Jack Stice Memorial Award” at South Planes Leatherfest and the Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award at Pantheon of Leather.

Hardy is a columnist for the Dallas Voice, Digital Experience Manager for Cathedral of Hope and is currently the Chairperson on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC. He lives in Dallas where he and his boy celebrated 26 years together as partners in play and life.

Give the Lady A Hand

This workshop will discover the erotic art of hand balling as done with a female partner. Vaginal fisting has long been practiced in the lesbian community, but there is no need to be lesbian to enjoy giving or receiving this intensely intimate gift. As a gay man, Hardy has been long familiar with male anal fisting; even though the anatomy involved with a female is different, the intimate and powerful experience makes this one of his favorite kinks. Step outside your comfort zone and join us. Safety, preparation and active demonstrations will make this a memorable session.

Putting the Sex Back in SM

How many times have you heard someone say that “BDSM isn’t about sex”. That’s because they are doing it wrong. To miss the erotic aspects of SM is to lose the full impact of the experience. The class will discuss ways to create a more erotic experience from SM play and ways to enhance sexual aspects of the scene. Additionally the class will explore why sex doesn’t have to be “Part A” into “Part B” to be enjoyable!