Master Cenna

Master Cenna came into the greater kink community in 2006. She is a happily married, polyamorous, queer, Community-Covered Leather Master; leading her Leather Household (House Haven), jointly with her husband.

In 2009 she graduated from the year-long Austin Mentorship Program (AMP) for Dominants, promptly got involved as a program administrator, and followed that by running the AMP in 2011/2012. She still teaches the yearly Sharps Intensive for the AMP, and served as Education Council for SAADE (the primary educational organization within the greater Austin area) in 2016.

Master Cenna has presented workshops since 2013: for multiple years at the GWNN Bash (Austin), Leather Pride in Texas (Austin), WILF (Women in Leather Fest – Dallas), Beyond Vanilla (Dallas), Kink Weekend (OK), Oklahoma Leather Fest, MAsT in Kansas City, and Dark Odyssey: Winterfire (MD).

Her teaching style is fun and interactive, easily drawing the attendees in and involving them in the discussion. Authentic and genuine, she shares her personal experiences – good and bad – with her audience, making a point of only talking about what she has first-hand experience with.

For her class descriptions, a listing of events she will be attending/teaching at, or general stalking (😊) – visit

Service Providers – how to successfully get what you are looking for!

There are many different forms of service one may expect their s-types to perform, from cleaning to shopping to bathing to providing oral to book-keeping. Its all about what you, as a D-type want and/or find important.

Are you the D-type that wants personal services? Or do you need help with the household? Do you have land and need someone that can provide physical labor? Wishing for a handyman because you live in a home that could use a bit of TLC? Do you travel a lot and wished your s-type would take care of all the arrangements? Do you need a Personal Assistant to keep you on track?

We have expected Household Service since the inception of House Haven in 2011, and everyone in the Family, but especially the s-types, is expected to contribute to the House as a whole. With two very differently motivated Dominants running the show, the breadth of services asked for and offered is impressive.

Let’s discuss finding the right service person for your personality and your needs, what services you may expect from that person, and how to go about making sure that everyone involved gets their needs met!

After an initial ‘lecture’ to set the stage, this class will evolve into an open discussion among the participants.

Straight to Queer

The last few years of my life have been deeply transformative on an existential and life-changing level. After 40 years of considering myself a heterosexual, heteronormative female, my world was turned upside down by a partner assigned female at birth in such a way that I questioned my sexuality, my perception of who I am, and my life up to this point. More importantly – now what?!?

Join me telling my story of how I navigated this slippery slope as a straight wife of 25 years. From figuring out that I am more or less a lesbian, to recognizing that I am, in the end, queer with strong attraction to a particular energy that I mostly (but not exclusively) find in masculine-presenting butches and transmen, all while keeping my marriage was a mind-boggling journey and re-programming effort.

It was a hard journey, and I welcome discussion with others in similar situations to provide support, understanding, and shared experiences. You are not alone.