Cletus and P0isonIvey

P0ison Ivey & Cletus

P0isonIvey – she/her
Ivey is a poly, queer, pagan, switchy educator with a passion for rope and a taste for the bloodier things in life. She is an active member of the DFW and Houston kink scenes, 1/3 Smoke and Mirrors Owner, and queer Leather Woman. Being drawn to a plethora of different kinks, she constantly works to see how she can combine all of her loves and interests together to create a wonderfully, sadistic mess. Her focus on kink education has propelled to her teaching extensively in the DFW area. As her play focuses on the more “taboo, sadistic, and “disgusting” kinks, she hopes to dispel fears, open eyes, and extract tears which sharing her unique style of Love and energy exchange.

Cletus— he/him
Cletus is a queer, poly, switch with a strong passion for rope and exploration. He is an active member of both the DFW and Houston kink communities. He is an kink educator with a desire to create more educational opportunities for all as well as encouraging and supporting those who desire to learn more.

Fuckin bondaging

Rope is hot. Sex is hot. Therefore, when you are combining rope and sex, you’re in for a damn good time. In this class we will focus on basics and basic ties to get your partner tied up so you can get down and dirty. We will walk through single and double column ties, body mechanics, and how you can incorporate them into basic bedroom bondage.
We will then take these building blocks and discuss fun and creative ways to secure them to commonly found “hard points” in the bedroom or wherever else you’d like to fuck.
Additionally, we will include ways to incorporate sexy, fun, and maybe even slightly sadistic toys to your bedroom bondage to take your fucking bondaging to a new level.

Skill Level: All

Prerequisites: None

Bring: A few hanks of rope and a good attitude

I am too ________ for rope

Through our rope journey we have seen a lot of people claim they are or have been told they are “too ____ for rope”. And we are here to call bullshit.

By encouraging tops and bottoms to delve deeper into their individual needs, potential constraints, and knowledge of rope, we will explore how to support and celebrate differences while mitigating risk wherever possible. We will be using floor ties and partials to figure out what works before taking to the air.

The first part of the class will focus on working through body mechanics. This will be achieved through a step by step process of idea creation, body mapping, labbing, and execution. Additionally, we will demonstrate ways to adapt ties within the tops existing repertoire as well as offering solutions to assist with bode mechanics for both the top and bottom.

The second part of the class will focus on lifts. Hearing your top grunting and straining to lift you can immediately pull a bottom out of their headspace and no one likes or wants to feel like dead weight. We will be learning how to lift using all of our tools to facilitate a more positive experience for everyone involved.

“I am too ___ for rope” will challenge tops and bottoms to work together to achieve fun and sustainable ties by turning potential limits into strengths.

Skill Level: 201-301

Prerequisites: A sound knowledge of suspendable chest harnesses, rope handling techniques, and uplines. Know your skill level and tie within your limits please.

Bring: rope kit, suspension gear