Raven the Ravenous

Raven the Ravenous

Raven the Ravenous, a cis male sadistic Dominant, has been active in the BDSM community for 18 years. Throughout his journey in BDSM he has become known for edgy, rough, & intense play. Raven enjoys volunteering and organizing both local and national events. He is the facilities chairman for Kinky Kollege, has organized local fetish events in central Wisconsin, has participated in case studies for the Northern Illinois BDSM Research Team, co-hosted LordSirDaddy Radio (a BDSM based podcast) and enjoys making appearances as his pony persona, Sir Biscuit.

Single Handed Flogging: Flogging 101

A workshop designed for beginners, this class will teach the basics of flogging.  It will begin with a safety lesson focusing on positioning, strike zones, and targeting.  We will then delve into the topics of selecting floggers, general use, and basic single-handed flogging techniques, with a focus on how to effectively achieve the desired impact. Demonstrations will take place throughout and questions will be encouraged.  If time allows, class will end with an opportunity for participants to explore the topics and techniques that have been discussed.  Participants are encouraged to bring floggers and a bottom.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma’am (or Sir)

A class based on the ability to craft, improvise, or adapt impact toys of all kinds. Discussion on what to look for when improvising toys, such as technique, durability, and intended use. Looking into how to craft unique toys out of what you may have around. How to adapt household objects, thrift store finds, or a day at garage sales into a whole toy bag. Many examples provided for demonstration and consensual trial. Any and all Q&A is welcome with encouraged audience participation.