Sir Black Phoenix

Sir Phoenix Black

Sir Phoenix Black is a cis-gendered, poly, heterosexual, leatherman, kink performer and BDSM educator. He identifies as a Dominant, Daddy and heavy Sadist. As a fetish performer his specialties include fire play, all forms of impact play (especially singletails), fire impact and knife play. Based out of Atlanta, he has presented at national conferences such as Sex Down South, Beyond Leather, Flame Conference and local events such as 1763 and the Atlanta Eagle. He is a mentor with the Atlanta Mentors project, an alumni of the Masters Dominant Counsortium, a Dungeon Monitor. His philosophy of “Love what you do, Do what you Love” is what motivates how he moves in the world of Leather. His love for the Leather community and interest in politics are what inspire him to make a difference.

Instagram: @realphoenixblack
Fetlife: SirPhoenix Black

Science Behind Primal Play & Dynamics

In this moderator led class, we will discuss the biochemistry, hormones and altered mental states behind primal play for both the predator and the prey. Tips on how to indulge in this edgy form of play. This class is for those who like to indulge or have interest in this cathartic form of play.

The Art & Science of Singletails

In the first half of this presentation, we will discuss the different types of singletails, the construction, the scientific principals behind the “whip crack”, different types of strikes and sensations. The second half of the class will be interactive. We will practice different strikes both sadistic and sensual. This class is meant to remove the fear behind singletails or enhance that fear…if you like.