Tinker Pup


Tinker is a human-puppy that has been wandering the DFW area since 2016. Originally, she was a stray slinking around Sanctuary, finding herself positions as a runner and foot-warmer before getting adopted into a polycule where she is loved and abused. Now-a-days, she considers herself a mischievous service puppy Princess with a passion in education, whether it be in herself or in others. With that said, she enjoys long walks from the shower to her bed, sleeping during the day, fetching her Owner things She needs or not and being the best puppy she can be.

Pup 201: How much is that Doggie in the Window?

So, now you know you’re a pup, or that you want to own a pup, but do you really know how much that doggie really costs? This class means to cover subjects regarding obstacles you may encounter on your journey as a pup or as a Handler in a relationship with a pup or a Handler. Situations such as health issues, mental or physical and communication between all parities.