Trix (they/them) is a leather artist, musician, sadomasochist, sarcastic asshole and even a hopeless romantic with a desire for the macabre. They came into the kink and leather scene well over a decade ago and have been headstrong in their journey. For Trix, Leather is acceptance, learning to accept yourself and others, and in Leather, they have found an opportunity to grow their chosen family. They see the beauty of that, particularly for those whose bio-families turn away from them. They became the leader of a local group in their area in 2014 and have since hosted many munches and, with help from their family and Mentor, founded a successful intensive that has become an annual event called Vision. In their free time, Trix likes to curl up with their boys in a fluff pile and read anything about history or mythology, paint, or make some sort of culinary creation. They can often be found at events near the bootblack stands as blacking is a passion they have nutured for several years now.

Cell Popping 101

It burns so good! (Demo/discussion) Interested in branding? Perhaps interested but worried about permanent scarring? Have an insatiable taste for a bottoms enduring sacrifice? Ok, that may have been a little creepy. Cell-Popping is a newer art form that deswcends from a much older family of body scarification. Let’s learn the basics and safety, then have an opportunity for questions.

Crossing the Wires: Bringing Vanilla to Kink (roundtable discussion)

Have you ever had a friend you just knew was kinky deep down? I will discuss ways to ease them into the kink world with you and safe ways for them to be exposed without exposing yourself.