Bernie and marisa

Bernie and marisa have shared a passion for kink since they first met 21 years ago. Today they live in a Master/slave dynamic they describe as “Functional Kinky Love’ and are an active part of the Lehigh Valley community in Northeast, PA. As presenters they have traveled to various clubs and conferences in the United States and Canada, offering classes that create active dialogue about power exchange dynamics and sharing their passions for intensely connected scenes. They serve the community as producers of the Northeast Power Exchange Title Competition, a title they held themselves in both 2016 and 2017.

Paddles Please! SMACK!

Paddles Please! SMACK! The sweet sound of a spanked bottom. We love spanking and we love paddles so much they have become a mainstay in our tool box. This class is all about those deliciously deviant paddles and covers their safe use, styles, material types, striking techniques, rhythm, posture, building a scene and so much more. There is a lot of demonstrations throughout the presentations which makes for a butt-smacking good time and one sore demo bottom. The class begins with the basics for the beginner and escalates to the more advanced techniques and paddles designed for the more seasoned player.

Sexy Primal Playl

One on one or in a group, this class takes a look at spicing up your scenes with some primal energy. Focusing on various scene elements like music/ambient sound, lighting, general atmosphere as well as using rough body play and some select toys , we will share some of the little things we do to create savage scenes.