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Hellfire (They/She) is an active member in the local DFW metroplex kink and Leather community, they are a queer, poly, submissive, bratty switch, and has been a part of the community for almost 5 years now. They got their start in the community in the Tyler area back in early 2018, and grew from.  hey like to share their own personal experience from their own personal leather and kink journey, and polyamorous living. Hellfire is a proudly owned and collared submissive to Jimjam and teaches and volunteers alongside him, also with being part of NLA Dallas, Hellfire is often working with and supporting other people and multiple groups in the community through acts of service and volunteer work. Previously Hellfire has led groups, alone and alongside her dominate prior to their move to the DFW metroplex in late 2021. 

So You Are a S-Type, Now What?

This class is for anyone who is new to dynamics/power exchange, or is just new to the community in general and is interested in dynamics and how to keep your autonomy as someone on the right side of the slash, tops are welcome and encouraged!

This class is also for our established dynamics, new and old – and that includes anything that falls under the dynamic umbrella, I want everyone in all levels of a dynamic, or even those with questions about them to feel welcome!

Littles, Middles and Bigs OH my!

Do you love aquariums? Stuffed animals and fun things like coloring books and playing with Legos?

From the history to the current places that accept us, to understand those who don’t understand us, everyone is welcome!


Ursus is a leather daddy bootblack who won South Central Community Bootblack in 2020. He is pansexual and married to his lovely wife Laurel. His has been kinky for two decades and enjoys single tails, needles, canes, and rough body play, not to mention bootblacking. The love, history, and sexyness that others’ leather shows him, turns him on and drives him in his pursuit of bootblacking. He has been doing piercings for over 20 years in and out of tattoo shops across Texas, but now tends to focus on the play side of needles. When not bootblacking or at leather events, Ursus enjoys tabletop RPGs, board games, and disc golf, not to mention annoying those around him with obscure movie quotes.

Risk assessment in and out of the dungeon

Most people know that when we play, there are risks involved. But how many people assess these risks within their M/s or D/s dynamic? Do you make these assessments before pickup play? Who’s job is it to determine the risks? In this class we will go over how to best evaluate potential hurdles in both play and in your relationship; Learn to evaluate a scene and it’s potential pitfalls, or to mitigate issues that may arise with your partner. Both the physical and mental risks in what we do can be lessened with the right tools.

Wearable Needle play – 60-90 min.

Needle play can be lots of fun, but many are reluctant to leave the needles in when they leave the scene. In this class, Ursus, with over 20 years of piercing experience, will go over techniques and materials to safely turn a needle play scene into a wearable work of art while at the dungeon or events! He will go over necklaces, corsets, and have an open Q&A for other potential piercing designs and practices.

Princess Asshole

Princess Asshole (P.A.), she/they, is just your run-of-the-mill asshole trying to do weird stuff to people and have a lot of laughs in the process. Asshole dedicates herself in helping educate their community on out-of-the-box kink, advocacy, and overall intersectionality in and out of the lifestyle. They are also honored to be the current Rocky Mountain Person of Leather.

TNG and Leather: Where to Begin

Under 35 and don’t really know how to plant roots in Leather? We are debunking some common misconceptions about getting into the Leather lifestyle as a TNG-aged member! This is a collaborative class to share experiences, the good and the bad, as well as learning how to build on our diverse history.

The Street Physician Carving Flesh Sculptures:

Welcome to scarification! This is where a love of creativity and kink mesh beautifully. Whether it’s for ritual, fun play, or for meanings beyond skin deep- this class will cover it.

Doctor Bubbles & Kitkat Ann

Doctor Bubbles and KitKat Ann met at Beyond Vanilla in 2018, and found a kindred spirit in each other. Since then, they have gone from playmates to close friends, and eventually established an M/s dynamic and romantic partnership together. Their dynamic is based on mutual respect and trust, self improvement, a dedication to increasing knowledge, and helping improve the world around them. Together, they enjoy teaching others in what they have learned from their time in the scene. In 2021, the two of them earned the Texas Power Exchange title at Beyond Vanilla XXX. Since then, they have represented Texas at the International Power Exchange competition at Beyond Leather in Florida, as well as teaching at various events and conventions on their unique power exchange dynamic.

“The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place.” – Helen Keller

Breathless: Breath Play Basics

First, let’s understand that Breath Play is one of the most dangerous forms of edgeplay in BDSM. As such, this is not a beginner class; it is a class for those who have a good basis in Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Breath play is not and will never be completely safe… but we can minimize the risk of things going wrong.

In this class, Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann go into mitigating the inherent risks of Breath Play through education, preparation, and planning for emergencies. We will go into how to prep for a scene, physical factors that increase or decrease risk, how to prepare for the worst, and how to ease into breath play. Finally, Doc and Kitkat will demo a few techniques that deliver the enjoyment of breath play while also keeping risks to a minimum. We will not be covering chokes or chokeholds covered in Rough Body Play classes, but discussing how to limit oxygen flow to the bottom.

Talk Your Walk: Power Exchange Communication Skills

Being in sync with your partner is crucial to a healthy and effective Power Exchange Dynamic, but it is so easy for two or more people to misunderstand each other. Developing communication skills can be difficult even in a vanilla setting! However, by leaning on the fundamentals of negotiation and intent, we can make our dynamics and communication skills reinforce each other.

In this class, Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann will show you how to get on the same page by developing a shared language, demonstrate strategies for resolving conflict, and making your dynamic reinforce your communication tactics. This is a class designed for both those who are in an existing dynamic AND those who want to build a good foundation for a dynamic in the future.


Farrah is a Licensed Professional Counselor, sex therapist, sex educator, and doctoral student in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is working on a study in sexual communication at Texas Woman’s University and her planned dissertation is differentiation of consensual Power Exchange relationships from abuse and intimate partner violence. Her clinical practice focuses on sexual and gender minorities, primarily ethical non-monogamy and kink communities and she uses a trauma informed and neurodiversity affirming lens in all of her work. She’s been a member of the kink community since she was 18, and polyamorous for the last 12 years.  She’s also a former sex worker, a disaster pansexual, and polyamorous s-type who works to normalize those identities in academic and other professional settings.

Consent: The First Step Towards Ethical, Not the Last

Understanding, establishing, and maintaining consent are some of the most important underpinnings of engaging in healthy kink. From SSC to FRIES, join Farrah Bonnot, LPC, to learn more about how to make sure that all your partners are on board.

Codependence in Power Exchange & Kink Contexts

When engaging in Power Exchange, it can be a fine line between service/caretaking and codependency. It can be easy to fall into patterns of overfunctioning or underfunctioning for our partners. Join Farrah Bonnot, LPC, to learn more about moving away from enmeshment and towards interdependence and healthier dynamics.

Master Gator and slave ava

Bio of Master Gator:

Master Gator has been an active member of the Leather community since he came out to his first NLA meeting September of 1999. Though he has looked back several times over the decades, he has never regretted the decision. Since then, he has been involved in several groups including NLA-Dallas, NLA-International, Leather Honor Guard, DFW Leather Corp, ERD, DFW Bound, and Dallas Mentors Program. He serves the community by volunteering his time and resources to support, promote, and work several kinky and leather events & gatherings.

Gator found a taste for the kinky lifestyle at an early age when he found that the books and stories that included domination, bondage, or disciple were the ones that interested him the most. In his early twenties he stumbled through the trappings of the kinky lifestyle with his girlfriends, make a lot of the common mistakes. He could tell that there was a part of this that spoke to him, but it was not until he came out to the NLA meeting that he found the support, guidance & examples, he was looking for to understand and accept who he is.

During Gator’s time in the leather community, he has been honored with his leather Master’s cover, presented by several of the covered Masters of the Dallas area in November 2010 for his steadfast support of the leather and kinky communities.

Ava’s bio:

Ava Night Dancer found the kinky community in Dallas in 2015 and is in an M/S relationship with Master Gator. She is actively involved in the Women of Leather group and has served as the Program Director for NLA Dallas. In her time in the kink community she has grown and learned a ton about herself and others. She has taught several classes outside kink and is beginning to bring her love of knowledge sharing to the kink world.

Master Gator and Slave Ava

Master Gator and Ava Night Dancer met at the local DFW dungeon Sanctuary in 2015. Their chance meeting started out as nothing more the simple rope work, but bloomed into a Master / slave that has weathered the challenges of natural growth that occurs in people lives.

Rough Body

The subject of rough body includes a lot of different styles and methods of physical play, from punching to primal resistance and everything between. This is a rich physical form of play that gets everyone’s blood moving and can be funny, dirty, bloody, giggly, primal and scary. Having an understanding of some of the pitfalls and safety concerns of this form of play can open a great pool of fun that does not have any real need for a heavy play bag. You have yourself and someone to play with? Then you have all you need. No heavy bags, expensive toys, or fancy tight fitting outfits…
Understand, this is not a clean sterile play style, and if you think as the top you going to get out unscathed, then you are going to be surprised. This is close and intimate play; you will smell them, hear them and feel them. They will get the same feedback from you.
This touchy-feely type of play fires up that lizard part of your primal brain we lock away in our mundane lives. So come out and let’s get close.

This class can be taught as a workshop alone, an intensive alone, a workshop and fun activity or just a fun activity.

Care and Feeding of Dominants

Dominants are at times delicate flowers requiring careful care and feeding to keep them at their best fighting weight. We hear a lot about how to care for submissives, from day to day interactions to how to do after care but we rarely talk about how to care for dominants. What feeds them, what makes them want to come back and keep doing this? How can we encourage them and make them feel strong? Come hear the perspectives from both sides of the slash on how our M/S relationship stays strong and what we do to feed it.


“This is SweetSalt, first of her name, Queen of the cunt snot and sweaty pits, Lord of Emetics, Lover of Power Exchange, Breaker of Taboos, the Blood Stained, the Screamer, the Licker of Toilets and the Mother of Mayhem.”

SweetSalt is a queer, polyamorous switch who has a deep love and passion for connection, spirituality, and intimacy. She has been practicing kink for 16 years and has developed a particular devotion for the practice of more taboo fetishes and interests.

Although she shares her heart with others, she is honored to present as slave to Master Malik and is walking the path of Mastery.

SweetSalt is active in the DFW community and has been sharing her knowledge for several years. She firmly believes in the power of self-expression, acceptance, and liberation in kink and encourages everyone to be true to themselves both in and out of the dungeon. She feels that when we explore the deepest chasms of our hearts and minds we can achieve a greater connection to ourselves and those around us.

As a kinky person SweetSalt practices SM under the PRICK risk profile. She believes in personal responsibility and accountability both in and out of the dungeon. As a Leatherwoman she walks to the beat of her own drum and strives to live as authentically as possible.

Connection & Intimacy Through Bodily Fluids

Spit, piss, cum, vomit, tears, blood, scat… We grew up learning that what our bodies produce is ‘yucky’ and ‘gross’. We were taught not to talk about it. We learned to be ashamed of it. Some of us go so far as to not go “Number 2” in a public bathroom and we sure as hell didn’t bring it into the bedroom.

But why? Why must we feel embarrassed or ‘squicked out’ by fluids? Our bodily fluids are part of us. We create them. They are ours. When we share them with those we care about we have the potential to experience something beyond what we could possibly imagine. That connection, that closeness…that is the beautifully profound intimacy that is felt by all when we bring what is inside of us out into the world.

Bodily fluids goes beyond Top and bottom, Dominant and submissive, or even Master and slave. When we open ourselves up to each other in that sacred space there is a shared vulnerability that nurtures and strengthens the bonds between us.

Through bodily fluids we can create a connection and intimacy that surpasses anything we thought imaginable.

Medical Play the SweetSalt Way

I’m sure most of us have had a crush on a doctor, had fantasies about that sexy nurse, or enjoyed our prostate or pelvic exam a little more than we’d like to admit. Maybe the snap of latex gloves or a crisply pressed lab coat turns you on. We can’t (or shouldn’t) act on those feelings in a professional setting, but we can certainly enjoy it in our scenes!

Part of what I love about medical play is the versatility of the equipment when used creatively. It doesn’t have to be “just medical play.” It can be incorporated into other kinds of scenes as well. Medical exams can be terrifying. They can be humiliating. They can make you laugh nervously.

Medical play can include many different things and allow those involved the chance to enjoy exciting roleplay. In this class we will discuss tools and techniques such as catheters, speculums, dental picks and scalers, personal protective equipment, fun with tape and gauze, and so much more. We will explore the roles of doctors, nurses, dentists, willing patients – and even the unwilling patients.

Come in, have a seat, and get comfortable. Dr. SweetSalt will see you now.

Fannon & Randall

Ms. Fanon came into the community via her partner/boy of 15 years. She enjoys performing for a variety of fundraisers and being at the stands watching Bootblack Randal do his thing. Ms. Fanon held the title of Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather in 2018. With her partner and their Puppy Nova, she has judged and taught across the country.Ms. Fanon enjoys knife play, bondage, and boot play

Randal hails from the great state of Texas, where he has lived his entire life. During his 34 years he has lived all across the Lone Star State. Randal first came into the community via Pup Play with his partner Ms. Fanon. Shortly after that he found Bootblacking, after sitting in the stand for the first time he fell in love. He served as the South Central Community Bootblack for 2018, and first runner up for International Community Bootblack 2018. Outside of the Bootblack stand he enjoys traveling and spending time with Ms. Fanon and their Puppy Nova. Randal enjoys knife play, bondage, needle play, and boot play.

Put a Boot in it

Do you like boots? Do you want to know how to incorporate them into other hankies. Join Bootblack Randal and Ms. Fanon as they put a boot into boot sex, stomping, breath play, bondage, edge play and many more!

Bootblack 201 -spit shine-

This class will focus on the next step of shining a boot. The spit shine. Randal will show you how to get that mirror shine, as well as share the tips and tricks to make it happen! Bring your boots and kits if you have them. Feel free to shine along with the class or just sit back and watch.

Beast & echo

Born in Germany to German and Lakota parents, Beast (He/Him) is a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a Master, a teacher and a student. He is a rigger and ropemaker, pyromancer, biker, bodybuilder, musician, and Cigar enthusiast. echo (she/they) was born and raised in England. She’s a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherwoman, a slave, switch, and a fucker of minds. echo enjoys Wicket and Cricket her sugar gliders and crochet. She is passionate about mindset, relationship skills and sociocultural theory. Beast and echo are your International Master and slave for 2022. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 children in beautiful Colorado. They enjoy sharing with and learning from others, and have found a storytelling style that allows them to share their triumphs and mistakes with honesty, transparency and humor.

Moments that Matter Sometimes

Moments that Matter Sometimes, everything comes together just right to create a perfect moment; one that shapes our life, provides direction and meaning, or cements a lasting memory. Many of us spend much of our lives chasing those moments. Imagine being able to intentionally create and craft these moments within your relationships, dynamics, and your Leather and kink experience. In this session, Beast (he/him) and echo (she/they) will share their approach to curating these moments and provide the tools necessary for you to take the lead in crafting moments that matter to you

Up in Smoke

Cigars have a long history in the Leather world, but many are just discovering the connection that can be built through the fellowship of the leaf, or how incredibly hot it can be to add cigar service to your high protocol play. Here, Beast (he/him) and echo (she/they) will lead you through a brief primer on cigars including a little history, understanding various types and characteristics, selection, and storage. The heart of the class will be focused on cigar service, including the various tools and accoutrement involved in cigar smoking and their proper use. We will cover preparing a cigar, cutting, lighting and presenting. as well as some of the more erotic practices common to cigar service in the Leather and BDSM world. We will end on a discussion of cigar play and ways to use various parts of the cigar in a scene. Where possible, this class will include demo and class participation. Attendees are not required to bring anything but are welcome to if they would like.

Sir Athens

Sir Mark Athens 


Mark is a queer poly Leatherman who heads a Master\slave household that focuses on personal growth, exploration, and service. Being born and raised in Kansas city, Mark is passionate about barbeque, the local football team Chiefs, and midwestern hospitality. He has been a part of the Leather community since 2015 and is well sought after both locally and nationally as a kink educator. He flags black on the left and is well known for his tagline ‘Why the fuck not!’. He is an erotic instigator, delighting in encouraging pople to explore their deboucherous sexual desires and can often be found in his home dungeon ‘The Black Dog’, telling Dad jokes, and cruising with his devilishly sadistic smile.

Mark has served his local community and the community at large by serving on boards such as the Kansas City Pride Parade, Consent Kansas City Facilitator, and acting as a leather liaison with the Kansas City Ballroom Community. He is also a founding member of the Kansas City Bloodline Leather Family where he served for seven years on their Leadership council. Being a member of local groups such as Alternative Humans Sexuality (AHS), Consent Kansas City, Kansas City Ballroom. More recently serving as your Mr. Route 66 Leather 2022.

Mark regularly presents workshops on a wide range of topics that center around edgeplay and practical application. He is most often sought out to teach workshops on Fire play, unique deprivation, and edge play. Often mixing his classes with hands-on experience, stories, and dad jokes, he leaves his students with a very unique experience that is both engaging and fun.

Mark’s (continuing) passion is to engage with and support a wide variety of communities, sharing knowledge, time and space, increases strength through increased diversity.

The predicament of knives

On a Knife’s edge is where we will find the predicament of fear, trust, and lust. Feeling the sensation of cold steel pull slowly and sharply across the skin, creating both fear and seduction. The points piercing the skin freeing the body of both breath and orgasums. The dilemma of choosing fear and ecstasy. In this class attendees will explore how to leverage knives in there own erotic sense. We will be focusing on the erotic forms of knife play as it pertains specifically to predicament play and bondage. Attendees will leave this class with the knowledge of how to safely create, execute, and enjoy a unique style of playing with knives. Come out and take a walk on the edge of edge play!

Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal Rope, chains, and Zip ties are fun, but barbed wire excites me!

Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal Rope, chains, and Zip ties are fun, but barbed wire excites me! Whether you’re a sensual top seeking to find a new sensation, a sadist thirsting for the cries of pain that edge play brings, or a blood thirsty vampire looking to entice the life force from the body for sexual gratification, this class is for you. This class is Centered around barbed wire edge play and the many twisted pleasures it can provide both the top and the bottom. Attendees will have an opportunity to explore barbed wire bondage and impact play, with a dynamic instructor who has a strong focus on safety. Attendees will leave the class with the groundwork to create, execute, and enjoy a scene using the medium of barbed wire. Come out and let’s get twisted together!