Charli Rose Studio

When I was 20, I was introduced to the local rope bondage communities in Houston and Dallas, Texas by my partner and some friends, and very quickly found a home there. Shibari is creative and sensual rope bondage that focuses on the exchange of power, energy, and emotion between the rigger and the model. Sometimes it’s pretty patterns and aesthetic, sometimes it’s quick and messy. It can be soft, stressful, painful, playful, artistic, erotic, private, exhibitionist, or whatever you want. For those who love it and get invested in the practice, you start to see individual styles of tying, the same way that artists develop their own style of painting over time.

Shibari reignited my passion for art at a point where I had started to lose interest, with rope harnesses and suspended poses giving me new shapes and concepts to work with on paper. With the help of some friends in these communities who saw potential in me and had the resources to help, I started selling art prints at local bondage conventions. Soon after my first event, I started up on Etsy and have been selling my artwork internationally since 2016.

If you’d like to follow my drawing process, see more of my real life inspiration, or just get to know me, follow me on Instagram @stressykitty

Hanging by a thread by Charli Rose Studio