ClubFEM DFW is a Lifestyle Female Dominant / male submissive group that is based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. It is part of over 80 chapters world wide and is one of the oldest Female led groups in the world, having just celebrated it's 26th anniversary.

ClubFEM DFW allows those that identify with the Female Dominant and male submissive role to attend it's monthly munches and parties. It is a lifestyle group that has become very much family to it's members! We pride ourselves as being loving and caring Female Dominants and devoted male slaves/submissives. Many of our members are switches but at ClubFEM events they remain in their respective roles that fit with the group dynamic.

The DFW Chapter is led by HeadMistress Ms. Navia and Executive Mistress Nerys Michelle.

For info about joining ClubFEM DFW Chapter please attend a munch or approach member of the Board-

Or our FetLife group-
ClubFEM DFW FetLife