Owner and fabricator of The Pharaoh’s Metals since 2019, but I’ve been in the scene for far longer. I identify as a daddy dom, pleasure dom, and occasional switch/little. The Pharaoh’s Metals is my passion for welding combined with my love of bondage- I wanted to create a functional yet beautiful product that will withstand the fiercest play, and I’ve been sharing my growing knowledge of BDSM with like-minded folks anywhere I can. To date, I’ve done small presentations with the local Grand Junction, CO community at our munch events, dealing with Spreader Bars, and safe BDSM play techniques.
I’d love to do more presenting gigs, and along with my sub/little we’ve been hitting some conventions around the country to share our products. I think everyone has something to offer as far as education goes, as we all have different experiences, and you can never be too safe with BDSM. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to pick the brains of some of my local community’s leaders and forefront people of the kink community, and I want to continue to share my knowledge and experience with others. Some classes I’d like to offer are DIY Adult Toy Making, and Spreader Bars 101, but possibilities are endless!

Spreader Bar 101

What is it, how to use it, and the versatility of spreader bars. This will show how valuable one toy can be, and how to make it a staple of any BDSM scene.

DIY- Adult Toy Making

In this activity/workshop participants will learn how to take regular household items or items found easily at a home improvement store and make them fun, customizable and inexpensive BDSM toys. We will also go further into design, functionality, creative thinking, and tools and techniques of popular trades like welding, leatherworking, and woodworking.