Fannon & Randall

Ms. Fanon came into the community via her partner/boy of 15 years. She enjoys performing for a variety of fundraisers and being at the stands watching Bootblack Randal do his thing. Ms. Fanon held the title of Ms. Great Plains Olympus Leather in 2018. With her partner and their Puppy Nova, she has judged and taught across the country.Ms. Fanon enjoys knife play, bondage, and boot play

Randal hails from the great state of Texas, where he has lived his entire life. During his 34 years he has lived all across the Lone Star State. Randal first came into the community via Pup Play with his partner Ms. Fanon. Shortly after that he found Bootblacking, after sitting in the stand for the first time he fell in love. He served as the South Central Community Bootblack for 2018, and first runner up for International Community Bootblack 2018. Outside of the Bootblack stand he enjoys traveling and spending time with Ms. Fanon and their Puppy Nova. Randal enjoys knife play, bondage, needle play, and boot play.

Put a Boot in it

Do you like boots? Do you want to know how to incorporate them into other hankies. Join Bootblack Randal and Ms. Fanon as they put a boot into boot sex, stomping, breath play, bondage, edge play and many more!

Bootblack 201 -spit shine-

This class will focus on the next step of shining a boot. The spit shine. Randal will show you how to get that mirror shine, as well as share the tips and tricks to make it happen! Bring your boots and kits if you have them. Feel free to shine along with the class or just sit back and watch.