Farrah is a Licensed Professional Counselor, sex therapist, sex educator, and doctoral student in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is working on a study in sexual communication at Texas Woman’s University and her planned dissertation is differentiation of consensual Power Exchange relationships from abuse and intimate partner violence. Her clinical practice focuses on sexual and gender minorities, primarily ethical non-monogamy and kink communities and she uses a trauma informed and neurodiversity affirming lens in all of her work. She’s been a member of the kink community since she was 18, and polyamorous for the last 12 years.  She’s also a former sex worker, a disaster pansexual, and polyamorous s-type who works to normalize those identities in academic and other professional settings.

Consent: The First Step Towards Ethical, Not the Last

Understanding, establishing, and maintaining consent are some of the most important underpinnings of engaging in healthy kink. From SSC to FRIES, join Farrah Bonnot, LPC, to learn more about how to make sure that all your partners are on board.

Codependence in Power Exchange & Kink Contexts

When engaging in Power Exchange, it can be a fine line between service/caretaking and codependency. It can be easy to fall into patterns of overfunctioning or underfunctioning for our partners. Join Farrah Bonnot, LPC, to learn more about moving away from enmeshment and towards interdependence and healthier dynamics.