Finn Vortex

Finn began anal fisting by accident and discovered he was a natural at extreme depth play. As his experience grew and depth increased, he began sharing advice and tips for all things fisting, including: etiquette, clean-outs, diet, lubrication, toys, depth and width conditioning, anatomy, and health & wellness considerations (STIs, injuries, ailments). Within two years of taking his first fist, he completed an education website for fisters. This website was heavy-laden with opinions and anecdotal wisdom regarding fisting; however, over the last few years, he has been working to provide evidence-based reasoning for all of his content, with a strong emphasis on biology, science, and human physiology.

Sloppy Hole BuFFet – Lubrication Laboratory (All Things Related to Anal Fisting Lube)

Bringing Your Partner to Full Body Orgasm via Anal Fisting