Hardy, Ms. Twisted, and Jim Richards

Long time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene. He is author of several books on kink related subjects including The Family Jewels: A Guide to Male Genital Play and Torment published by Greenery Press, and Soul of a Second Skin: The Journey of a Gay Christian Leatherman and Shouts in the Wilderness, Daily Meditations for Leatherfolk. His awards include the “Leather Leadership Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, “Man of the Year” and “Lifetime Achievement” Awards from NLA-I, the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” from Southwest Leatherfest and most recently the “Jack Stice Memorial Award” at South Planes Leatherfest. Most recently he was awarded the Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award at Pantheon on Leather. Hardy is a columnist for the Dallas Voice and is currently the Chairperson on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC. He lives in Dallas where he and his boy celebrated 27 years together as partners in play and life.

As a clinical social worker, Lynda Blakeslee, LPC, may be the only leatherdyke paid by the State of Texas to teach SM 101 to the mental health field! Lynda aka MsTwisted remains committed to helping mental health professionals understand leather sexuality as one aspect of healthy human sexual behavior. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been serving the kink community since 1986 and now maintains a small counseling practice for kinky folk in Central Texas. Her current interests include preserving safe Queer Space in today’s leather community and demystifying “Old Guard” mythology. Her leather history includes co-chair for NLA-Dallas; one of the founding owners of the dungeon Inquisition-Dallas; original faculty member for The boy’s Training Camps and The Master’s Retreat; founding board member of Ms. World Leather, lifetime member of NLA-Dallas and Bound by Desire; co-producer of the film, “Out of the Darkness: The Reality of SM” and NLA-International Woman of the Year in 2000. She has presented at numerous events over the past 25+ years including South Plains Leather Fest, GWNN Bash, Beyond Vanilla, NLA-I’s Living in Leather and International Ms Leather. Lynda has also been active on the contest circuit as a judge. Some of the contests she has been invited to judge include Ms World Leather, IMsL, & Mr. Texas Leather.
Since moving to Austin 20 years ago, she has mostly retired from the workshop circuit and continues to serve the community through counseling and providing support for the various kink projects that come her way.

Jim is a 77 year old and was introduced into the kink/leather scene in 1971 and became active in the Los Angles leather scene in 1976. After moving back to Dallas, he was the founding president of the Disciples of de Sade a men’s bdsm group in 1984. He worked outreach to the surrounding states for the 1987 March on Washington. After the 1987 MOW Dallas was asked to host the Dallas Conference, which Jim coordinated. The Safe Sane Consensual Adults organization (SSCA) was formed at the conference ,as the first leather/bdsm national organization. Jim was on the Board of SSCA and later became the co-chair of SSCA. SSCA merged with NLA in 1989 with Jim was co-chair of NLA from 1989 -1993. Jim was also one of the owners of Inquisition Dallas, a membership dungeon in Dallas. Jim is also a past member of Discipline Corps.

Dinosaur Den

All Three of them are doing this class: Dinosaur Den It’s not Jurassic Park, but close to it. A gathering of elder and experienced leather folk will sit at a panel to share stories, swap lies and answer questions to the best of their abilities. Come expecting to learn something, to laugh a lot and enjoy a few hundred years of experience.

Building Healthy Communities

Hardy & Ms. Twisted with do this class: Building Healthy Communities: This workshop will help identify some issues that have become damaging to our communities such as Leather hierarchy, untreated mental health, gossip, corporatization of kink and more. Additionally we will discuss some strategies for building healthy communities as well as steps for healing dysfunctional kink communities