Hellfire (They/She) is an active member in the local DFW metroplex kink and Leather community, they are a queer, poly, submissive, bratty switch, and has been a part of the community for almost 5 years now. They got their start in the community in the Tyler area back in early 2018, and grew from.  hey like to share their own personal experience from their own personal leather and kink journey, and polyamorous living. Hellfire is a proudly owned and collared submissive to Jimjam and teaches and volunteers alongside him, also with being part of NLA Dallas, Hellfire is often working with and supporting other people and multiple groups in the community through acts of service and volunteer work. Previously Hellfire has led groups, alone and alongside her dominate prior to their move to the DFW metroplex in late 2021. 

So You Are a S-Type, Now What?

This class is for anyone who is new to dynamics/power exchange, or is just new to the community in general and is interested in dynamics and how to keep your autonomy as someone on the right side of the slash, tops are welcome and encouraged!

This class is also for our established dynamics, new and old – and that includes anything that falls under the dynamic umbrella, I want everyone in all levels of a dynamic, or even those with questions about them to feel welcome!

Littles, Middles and Bigs OH my!

Do you love aquariums? Stuffed animals and fun things like coloring books and playing with Legos?

From the history to the current places that accept us, to understand those who don’t understand us, everyone is welcome!