Active in the local community since late 2018 as an impact and rope bottom. Finding an affinity with coconut rope she began teaching to spread her passion to make rope simple with an emphasis on simplicity, self tying, and crossing sadistic rope to sadists that are not in the rope community.

Sadistic Rope for the Non Rope Top

A class on how to use rope simply with non traditional rope, toys with the rope, and body positions for the fun of sadists and masochists. No knots. No Suspensions. No lengthy setups. This can be self tied or tied with a partner. Coconut rope will be available on a first come, first serve basis (I can’t guarantee I will have enough for everyone). If you are allergic to coconut you will probably be allergic to coconut rope, so please let me know. I will have other mean options. Bring and wear gloves if you’d like, but it does take away some of the fun. In my masochistic opinion.

Simple Self Ties to Connect With Yourself Using Chaos Rope

A beginner self tie class that focuses on asymmetrical ground tying using simple self tying techniques. This will include a discussion on how different ropes can affect the overall mood of the self tie. Things to be aware of while self tying, and include a discussion on self tying and mental health.

People would need to bring their own rope, any type is fine. A basic knowledge of a single column and how to connect rope would be nice, but I’ll show a simple larkshead and how to connect rope. A cutting tool would also be a must.