Master Mark and SnowbabyK

SnowbabyK (she/her), AKA: “Ms. K”.  She is a sadomasochistic queer polyamorous switch that has been active in the Dallas/Fort Worth Kink Community for several years.  She has lead littles groups, volunteers for fundraising events to support LBGTQ+, marginalized communities, and suicide prevention.  Often teaches and leads discussion/demos on cigar service/play, primal impact play, and DD/Lg with her Daddy Dom_Mark2.  In walking the path of a leather woman, she hopes to share what she learns with others. Snowbabyk has been described as “Big Love”, giving with a fierce sense of sensuality. Snowbabyk enjoys all things stingy, primal play, cigars, princess by day, tigress by night. RAWR!

Master Mark, Fetlife: Dom_Mark2 (he/him).  He is a Poly, Master, Daddy, Partner, Leatherman, Switch. His journey in this lifestyle began in 1998.  Graduated from the Dallas Submissive Mentors Program in 2013. He served a local Fem/Dom from 2007 to 2013, and began his journey as a Leatherman in 2014. Leathermen have it right, being on both sides of the slashes has made me a better Dominate.  Currently the Vice President of the Leather Heart Clan, and have been a member since 2015. Co-leader of Worthless Bastard Cigar Club, and leadership team for Whips in the Woods.  Recently, he was presented his cover by the leather community.  He has taught classes at the local dungeons with his current baby, SnowbabyK.  Together they have taught/led classes/discussions on Cigars, Cigar Service, Extreme Cigar Play, and Primal Impact Play.  They enjoy impact play, with whips, canes, rough body play, and all things taboo. Master Mark loves to sit in sand, smoke cigars, drink Scotch, and tell lies with his friends.

Primal with a Twist

The Power Exchange between two partners that exist when on neutral ground. The acceptance that neither one will lower themselves, and no more Fucks are given to the other with full transparency and honest emotions. Pushing and stretching their boundaries together, switching between being the hunter and the prey testing the lines between pleasure and pain.”

Wrestling and grappling on the mats is fun, however, there is more to Primal than just that type of play.
See Primal energy in play that isn’t what most think of when they hear Primal.

The Twist, in this type of play, is the impact that both experiences are the great equalizer.  If relationships and partners are equal, how does “The Play” become no top, no bottom, focused on connection, and energy/power exchange.

Little’s Play Space

Calling all Little’s, Middle’s, Pet’s, and their Caregiver’s to enjoy others or just relax.  SnowbabyK would like to provide a portable swing, parachute, balls, and arts and crafts for all to enjoy.  If one would like to bring a blankie, pillows, stuffies, or sippy cups for comfort please do so.  We can’t provide personal non porous objects due to Covid.  We will have sanitizer and disinfectants for the swing, parachute, and balls to wash after use to keep Covid friendly. Can’t wait to see all the sweet and bratty ones out there.