Master Todd

Proudly hailing from Austin, Texas, Master Todd has been active in the BDSM community since 2004 and discovered Leather along the way. Growing up in an environment that made him constantly aware that his proclivities are different, he is a fan of sharp pointy things and medical play. A self-described relationship nihilist who is always open to possibility, his latest incarnation finds him in service to his Master, Miss Velvet Steele. He is honored to have served as the 2013 Southwest Master and currently serves as the Director of MAsT: Leander and the Assistant Regional Director for the Southwest Region.

Switch and Bitch

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: you’re not really a switch, you just haven’t figured out what you really are yet.  Perhaps instead you were told, “you’re not really a switch, you just haven’t met the right Dom yet.” Maybe you’ve never heard this because you’ve been reluctant to identify as a switch because you’re sure that somehow you’ll lose all your cred as badass top/bottom.  Whatever your path in being a switch is like, you’ve likely encountered the looks and judgements that come with not fitting neatly into the little boxes that we as kinky folk love to label.  

Join Master Todd for an interactive discussion of what it means to be a switch, the challenges of identifying as a switch, and other fun topics we uncover along the way.

Speculums, Sounds, and Scalpels, Oh My! Infiltrating the Mind and Body with Medical Play

Not just playing doctor in the dungeon, medical play encompasses a wide array of play styles, toys, and activities.  Medical play is much more than violating existing (or freshly made) orifices, and when done correctly, it offers a way to deepen the intimate connection that occurs when we exchange power.  In this presentation, Master Todd will discuss a variety of play ideas. Class will conclude (time permitting) with a cutting demonstration to satisfy your, and his, bloodlust.